I still have a broken 3DS.

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User Info: LinkOfOrdon

4 years ago#171
gnerdus posted...
VampLordAdamaru posted...
gnerdus posted...
What would it take to make it DMC3SE?

You and your sister holding up a sign with your username... ^__~

Ya know, as evidence that you really are who you claim to be... :3

What if someone recognized me?

I doubt anyone would recognize you unless you do stuff like Youtube videos or are the admin of a facebook group or something..
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User Info: GrahamNumber

4 years ago#172
gnerdus posted...

What if someone recognized me?

Cover your face with something if you are even going to take a picture of yourself.

User Info: Atomix26

4 years ago#173
What you should do is tell this info to sisters friend, then arrange a 3 way
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User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#174
Gonna go do some "homework".
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User Info: FairyGlitter

4 years ago#175
gnerdus posted...
Gonna go do some "homework".

Good luck.

User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#176
gnerdus posted...
Gonna go do some "homework".

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#177
gnerdus posted...
Gonna go do some "homework".

More biology homework, I assume. ;-) You naughty thing, you. ;)
Team Gracidea - We live to love!
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User Info: UltimateKaiba

4 years ago#178
Let us know how the studying went
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User Info: doriko

4 years ago#179
gnerdus posted...
Gonna go do some "homework".

If you get an A- on your test then you don't come home!
A is all that matters!!
oh my

User Info: DemonicChaosXX

4 years ago#180
We don't care loser.
It's a point and click adventure where the only action is "use gun" on "man". - vidgameking84
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