Fire Emblem: Awakening... digital or physical?

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User Info: poptarts22

4 years ago#21
I really hope all of you posting about how stupid it is that Nintendo doesn't have an account system, when it comes time to fill out your Club Nintendo surveys and you get to the question:

"What would cause you to visit the eShop more often?"

Fill out: "Universal account system where purchases aren't tied to hardware. Cross compatibly VC purchases as seen on PSN. etc"

User Info: pokemonmaster0

4 years ago#22
dragonlordsd posted...
Physical. With all the dlc that's coming, you're going to need space on your memory stick. Also, I've heard some people mention that digital copies can only be played on the 3ds that they were purchased from (that might only apply to the bundle, not completely sure.) Anyway, what if your memory card breaks? Or you lose it? Or something happens?

When in doubt, always go physical. No stress, no mess.

All games are tied to the 3ds itself, although you can do a system transfer. One way or another you can only have your copy of the game one 3ds at once. If your 3ds breaks, then you're screwed.

I'm not getting it right away myself, but when I do it will be physical. Pc games (mostly because it's far cheaper than buying retail these days) and download only games are the only digital games I buy (With the occasional exception I guess, I do have 2-3 digital games on psp that do have physical releases but I forgot to check if they did when I bought them).

User Info: businessman999

4 years ago#23
Only people who get the bundle get digital, no one likes digitals otherwise
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User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#24
JulesNeci posted...
I always get physical copies, since I'm a sucker for collections and whatnot :)

If you are really a sucker for collectors edition it would be digital for Fire Emblem Bundle.
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