Finally got a chance to use an XL today... was not impressed.

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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

5 years ago#11
Synbios459 posted...
To the people talking about how bad the sound is, are you talking about with or without headphones? I always use headphones when possible.

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User Info: darkus_f

5 years ago#12
tw1g_007 posted...
3DS XL is basically just overhyped here on GameFAQs. It really isn't as good as people proclaim it to be.

I have an XL and I have owned the OG as well and I agree with this. This board praises the XL and Kid Icarus every chance it gets. :/
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User Info: RaccoonCity

5 years ago#13
I love my XL, but it's the first 3DS I've owned. Even as awesome as I think it is, I doubt I would have upgraded to it. I just hate upgrading to a "better" version if what I have works fine.

But I do wholly believe the XL is the best "starter 3DS."
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User Info: GlobalCooling

5 years ago#14
Razieru posted...
I love the 3DS XL.

User Info: NaCl-

5 years ago#15
Vanilla folks seem to always have that "it's no big deal, I'm not impress" attitude when something newer comes out. I guess I would be trying to convince myself too not to upgrade. I also think the aesthetics of the OG 3DS is just ugly. Nintendo should just shrink the XL's design and ditch the OG.

User Info: abbyhitter

5 years ago#16
I've had my XL since launch after trading in my original model at GameStop (haven't played an original 3DS since then).

Yesterday, I tried playing my friend's original 3DS, and I was completely blown away at how much better the XL is. I could never go back to playing on the original 3DS since I am so used to my XL. The screen was way too small, and the Home/Start/Select "pad" was completely awful.
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User Info: Rango

5 years ago#17
Finally got a chance to read this topic today...was not impressed.
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User Info: Elements012894

5 years ago#19
I don't understand the sound issue. I have both, and I notice that its not as loud. But you guys make it out to seem like it can't be heard. If your out in public better off with a headphone.

Anyways for $40 extra, the screen size, better battery, 2 gigs more space ( I dont have SD cards laying around so its a bonus for me) and non gloss coating make it worth it to me.
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User Info: rahxephon122

5 years ago#20
When they first announced the XL, I thought looked amazing whilst my cousin hated it. The only reasons I didn't get an XL at launch is because my Regular 3DS worked fine and that the XL's colors turned me off.
About a week ago, my cousin, who hated the XL, bought one and kept exclaiming how great it was. He came over to my house to visit and show it off. I was significantly under-impressed compared to what I read on gfaqs.
First: I still really like the shape, the smooth roundness of it is nice, but I vastly prefer the glossy coating on the 3ds over the matte finish.
Next: I'm the kind of guy that plays 3D at full blast with no problems. So when I looked at the XL's 3D, I noticed it was significantly lessened when at full blast.
Third: I noticed the pixelation immediately. After an hour or so it became less noticeable, but when going back to my 3DS, the picture seemed much sharper.
Lastly: I primarily play video games at home, in my room. The XL's sound was fine for that purpose as I could hear it all the way in a different room away from my cousin. At the same time, I always use headphones when I play since HD headphones will always produce better sound than regular speakers.

The XL is very nice, but it has just as many flaws.
In my opinion, you should only get the XL if you don't use the 3D much/at all or have huge hands; and should get the regular if you have smaller hands or want to use the 3D.

My bf has really long fingers and rarely uses 3D so he uses an XL, however I love the 3D effect and have smaller/average hands so I like the regular model better.
Also I'm waiting for the Pikachu XL.
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