Difference between Tales of Abyss 3DS and PS2.

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User Info: emotional28

4 years ago#1
Wondering what version should I play? Is the graphics of Tales of Abyss 3DS a downgrade from the PS2? Or is it better. Thnks!
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User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#2
From what I've been told on the 3DS Abyss boards:

3DS version has better load times and plays at 30fps
PS2 version uses a better font (much better...I have the 3DS version's font) and plays at 60fps.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

4 years ago#3
Got Abyss yesterday. 3 hours in and absolutely LOVING it!
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User Info: Blaze627

4 years ago#4
As already stated, the PS2 version has a much better font, and the battles are 60fps.

The 3DS version has:

- Better load times (Battles on the World Map are actually feasible now)
- A slightly more stable World Map framerate (It's still not all that great, though)
- A few glitches fixed
- Sidequest schedules were adjusted to be more in line with the Japanese PS2 release. (For example, there's a weapon earned through a sidequest that couldn't be obtained until you were 99% of the way through the game's final dungeon; In the 3DS version, you can get it halfway through the third and final act of the game.)

Even with the battles in the 3DS version being downgraded to 30fps, I'm of the opinion that all of the other small changes make it an overall better experience than the PS2 version.
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