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User Info: SoulOni

4 years ago#1
The amount of 3DS games available is seemingly small. Coming from gaming on the Vita, whose list of titles is pretty tiny, I imagined that the 3DS section at game stores would be much bigger! I thought that the system selling 7x more consoles would gain tons more interest!

I'm glad that I switched from Vita to 3DS, but just not as blown away by the title selection as people would have you believe. I purchased the 3DS to play Fire Emblem, RE, and a little Mario, but I can't believe the king of handhelds isn't gaining more 3rd party interest! What are devs afraid of?
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User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#2
I know what you mean, but there are a few good games for 3ds now, and an ungodly amount of awesome DS games.

You have been looking at DS games as well havent you?
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User Info: _HlM_

4 years ago#3
Most likely trying to tie in the 3D gimmick somehow. I was also suprised with the very few games selection. Only games that i have are Code of Princess, Zelda OoT and Mario Land 3. Beat both CoP and OoT, I just bought Mario for the hell of it. Then again my main reason in buying a 3DS was for Castlevania but now plan on picking up Fire Emblem and hoping for a Bomberman game and Kirby game kinda like the GBA ones.
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User Info: Carbuncle009

4 years ago#4
It has Kid Icarus and Kingdom Hearts. And Final Fantasy.

But yeah, it needs more 3rd Party Support in NA. Japan has stuff like Monster Hunter and Project X Zone.
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User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#5
I think a lot devs were waiting to see if the install rate would be big and are just now in development of some top titles. If nothing comes out next year I'll agree.
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User Info: Ekaru

4 years ago#6
Well, the 3DS didn't really get rolling until a year ago, so 3rd party devs need time to make games for it and stuff, if they even want to. :P
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

4 years ago#7
If you're referring to western third parties, don't hold your breath. Western devs and publishers have a long history of largely ignoring handhelds regardless of how many systems have been sold. They'd rather make brown and grey shooters on consoles.

Japanese developers on the other hand are much more inclined to develop for handhelds since they're so popular in Japan.
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User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#8
the forecast for games being localized is roughly twice as bright for 3ds.

User Info: AvantgardeAClue

4 years ago#9
Bu.....but the DS library
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User Info: CheeseIsSoFat

4 years ago#10
KID ICARUS UPRISING is already like 20 games . Quit whining.
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