Never played Etrain Odyssey B4. Need enlightenment .

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User Info: danny5329

4 years ago#1
So what is this game about ?

From what i've seen on Youtube, people saying it is a dungeon crawler but i have little to no idea what dungeon crawling is.

Is it a game that you travel to a gajillion dunegons and clearing them for loots and stuff to make your party stronger and the game ( IV ) has little to no story at all ? That means teh satisfaction only comes from beating monsters, leveling up, getting better gears and beat more monsters on higher difficulty ?

I've never once played a dungeon crawler so can you guys enlighten me what is so fun about this game ?

I might consider buying the game and give it a try cause it seems nice and maybe provide long hours of playthrough.


User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#2
You forgot to mention the foe song.
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#3
It's a game where you make up your own party of characters and venture into a dungeon pretty much "blind"... where around every corner a random encounter can occur that could wipe out your party. You venture deeper and deeper into the dungeon while constantly retreating to a hub to resupply, etc..... you have to "draw" the dungeon map as you explore it.

The narrative is barebones and you'd have to make it up if you want your characters to have any personality.

The game is all about its mechanics.

It's really boring.

User Info: 1upsuper

4 years ago#4
It's not terribly difficult, but dungeon-crawlers are an acquired taste. If it didn't seem appealing based on what you saw, it probably isn't for you. I'm one of those that loves it though.

User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#5
There's one large, central dungeon, the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, usually around 25 floors deep, divided into several Strata of 5 floors each. Exploration is done in first-person perspective on the upper screen, with the lower screen dedicated to a Map, drawn in by the player using the stylus. Battle is fairly standard turn-based combat.

The story is fairly central to the entire concept, however since all player-characters are user-generated, generally the Labryinth itself is the story, with the PCs exploring its depths to find out why it's there, what's at the bottom, and so forth.
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User Info: RaynorEX

4 years ago#6
The Etrian Odyssey series is a turn-based RPG / Dungeon crawler hybrid, known for it's map drawing system (that is, you have to draw a map on the touch screen) and high difficulty. The big appeal comes from the exploration aspect, as well as the solid gameplay mechanics; this isn't a game you can just breeze through. The series isn't heavy on the story, but there certainly is one present, but it's not the main aspect of the game (that's the exploration). In addition, instead of having a predefined party, like in most other turn based RPGs, you have to make your own party, consisting of a variety of character classes.

It's certainly not a series for everyone, but if you want to know more, check some gameplay or walkthrough videos of older games in the series: The core mechanics have stayed intact, so if you like what you see, then this is a game you'll certainly want to pick up.

User Info: danny5329

4 years ago#7
Read through every replies. Thanks guys. Will give this game a try . Gonna be my 1st dungeon crawler. Hopefully it wont be boring without an actual story.
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