Would you buy a 3D remake of Final Fantasy V?

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User Info: SailorCallie

4 years ago#51
I'll buy it anyway. That and Final Fantasy V Advance.
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User Info: dragonkyn20

4 years ago#52
If I hear an orchestral version of Clash at the Big Bridge, I would buy this in a heartbeat.
PSN: dragonkyn20
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#53
If Square won't give us Bravely Default, then yeah. I'd play it since I fell in love with the job system. The story and characters, yeah they could've used more attention, but at the same time, why should I care? I only play games for its gameplay.
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User Info: anon_fire

4 years ago#54
C'mon guys, don't hate FFIII and IV DS.

User Info: JoeHigashi2000

4 years ago#55
Yes. I've never played it.
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User Info: GreatHammurabi

4 years ago#56
From: anon_fire | #031
They could at least use an enhanced version of III and IV's grapics on the DS, almost like Bravely Default.

That's the thing, I don't like that 'style' of graphics, for a Final Fantasy anyway. I wouldn't mind it so much for playing Bravely Default.

It's not that its poor quality or anything, I just don't enjoy the style. To me, it makes it feel less serious than the originals mainly due to how 'odd' the character/NPC models look.

Like I said, not 'bad', just not my thing.

User Info: VideoGameBlitz

4 years ago#57

FFVI or nothing.
Not changing until a FFVI(6) remake is released 5/21/10

User Info: SharmHedgehog

4 years ago#58
I've always wanted to play V, so yes. Hell, I'd be fine if it was just the GBA version on the eShop.
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User Info: Zareth

4 years ago#59
No. I don't trust Squareenix to make a game I'd like in this day and age.
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User Info: Marsford

4 years ago#60
F*** YES!
"but if you're the kind of person who thinks that anything with primary colors is for kids than nothing will change your mind." - Arucard05
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