Would you buy a 3D remake of Final Fantasy V?

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User Info: Marozi

4 years ago#71
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User Info: anon_fire

4 years ago#72
Zareth posted...
No. I don't trust Squareenix to make a game I'd like in this day and age.

Why is that? Are you still mad about FFXIV's not-so stellar launch?

User Info: anon_fire

4 years ago#73
Dalton Of Zeal posted...
In a heartbeat, especially if Matrix Software was in charge.

Are you kidding me? Of course Matrix Software would be in charge.

User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#74
I probably would, but I'd much much rather have 10.
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User Info: _Odarp

4 years ago#75
Alavard posted...
Yes for a couple of reasons:

- To show SE I'm really tired of their obsession with FFIV
- FFV had a great battle/job system
- Gilgamesh
- It would mean a 3D remake of FFVI was coming later down the line, and I'd like to support that
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User Info: Anema1986

4 years ago#76
of course, in terms of gameplay, it surpass even the PSX games with the bland materia, guardian stuff
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User Info: renzsweet

4 years ago#77
I would buy two; one for me, and one for my girls.
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#78
FFV wasn't my favorite. Probably in the middle of the pack of all the FF games for me. But it's still a great game.

It's not another FFIV remake/rehash/port and it's not a FFXIII sequel, thank god. So I would definitely buy it.
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User Info: zalmute

4 years ago#79
I would. I am trying to find a version to replay right now. I dont want to play it on GBA but it may be the best option as the ps1 version i have isnt working.
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User Info: Dagorha

4 years ago#80
No but a graphical enhancement ala FF4's complete collection thing? Oh yeah
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