In honor of our still dead MML3, what is your favorite Mega Man series?

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  3. In honor of our still dead MML3, what is your favorite Mega Man series?

User Info: sarevokmb

4 years ago#1
Which is the best Mega Man series? - Results (153 votes)
Mega Man (Original, classics, mostly on NES)
16.99% (26 votes)
Mega Man (Handheld classics, mostly on original GB)
0% (0 votes)
Mega Man X
28.76% (44 votes)
Mega Man Legends
7.19% (11 votes)
Mega Man Battle Network
19.61% (30 votes)
Mega Man Zero
18.3% (28 votes)
Mega Man ZX
3.92% (6 votes)
Mega Man Starforce
3.92% (6 votes)
Some other MM series I have forgotten
0% (0 votes)
I hate Mega Man
1.31% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally, I prefer Mega Man ZX, even though it only had two games in the series. The mix of awesome abilities and Metroid-like exploration made it awesome.

Mega Man X isn't far behind for me. I loved it as a kid, and the first three games in the series are infinitely replayable.
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#2
I hate Mega Man.

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#3
It's a tie between NES Megaman, and Megaman Battle Network. I chose the latter.
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User Info: Valkerion757

4 years ago#4
I enjoyed ZX, Legends 1 and ZX 1 were the only games in the entire franchise I actually beat... maybe X5 on a rental dont remember that long ago. In general not to big into platformers but.... those 2 games were pretty great imo.

Having tried about 75% of the games in the franchise though, cant say im too into them nor do I see the reason to complain about a game less than 5% done and did not even have Mega Man or a working hud/menu system in it lol just a bunch of concept art and a engine test lol. Let it rock though guys, im sure Capcom is working on something to get some non crying fanboy interest in the series again, kinda reasonable to rethink the gameplan when the creator/one of your CEOs leaves the company lol.
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User Info: RAPTall1

4 years ago#5
X is by far my favorite. I loved how they breathed new life into the series, and Zero is by far one of my favorite characters in a game. Surprisingly, Mega Man Zero wasn't close to my favorite, although I also liked it.

Battle Network is my second favorite.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

4 years ago#6
Classic, hands down. Maybe one day I'll get around to taking off these nostalgia goggles and look at them objectively. I just played the Zero series for the first time and they were out-f***ing-standing, best games I've played in a very long time. There was just one thing, though. They needed more Plant Man.
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User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#7
Megaman X is my favorite, especially the very first one for the Snes. Probably blinded by nostalgia but its just something I felt that capcom did right.
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User Info: Galaxy_Nova

4 years ago#8
Megaman Starforce.
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User Info: GoldenJoe24

4 years ago#9
Zero is the only series that stayed strong from start to finish. It also has the best plot and characters (by far), best challenge, and most interesting bosses.


4 years ago#10
battle network and megaman zx for me
i like megaman games but many of the were too hard for my taste zx is closer to the level of challenge i want. battle network i play for the same reason i play mario and luigi and used to play pm.

i wanted to see the characters of mario (in this case megaman) with expanded back stories
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  3. In honor of our still dead MML3, what is your favorite Mega Man series?

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