Silicone vs aluminum case for my XL?

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User Info: thompsontalker7

4 years ago#1
Basically stuck between the two.


+ Easier to take on and off
+ Shields the buttons and the d-pad
+Gives spaces between the screens so they're not hitting each other
-Can get really sticky and attract lint after a while
Rather nasty, stickier feeling when holding the system

Aluminum cover:

+Doesn't attract dust or lint
+Can take a drop
+Shields most of the 3DS
-Any part that isn't covered, the paint will wear out in that area (as with what happened to my DSi)
-A pain to put on and off
-May end up scratching the 3DS indirectly
-Costs $4-$5 more

So far I'm getting the silicone case and see what it's like, but if it's no good I may just return it and get the aluminum case instead.
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User Info: Dogscratch

4 years ago#2
I've been a long time cellphone case user. I am between Silicon cases (because they are cheap) and TPU cases (like a mix between hard plastic and silicon - they don't get linty/nasty like silicon and are flexible.)

I am not much up on 3ds cases - but are any TPU style cases available - that would be my recommendation.

Issue I have with aluminum if there is not a silicon inner padding (which tends to add wicked bulk) is that there is not a reasonable shock dissipation mechanism if it happens to be dropped.

Silicon and TPU have great mechanisms to distribute shock amongst the entire case turning drops into bounces rather than a crack/bend/etc...

Edit: Outside lack of grunginess - the aluminum case offers many things that can actually damage your unit.
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User Info: Allaudeen

4 years ago#3
TPU case is awesum

User Info: Ashman971

4 years ago#4
Allaudeen, do you know of a good place to get a good TPU case?
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User Info: Zhacarias

4 years ago#5
I think I know which silicone case you're talking about. I think it's the only silicone case out there for the XL. I actually use it daily. It's alright, I suppose.

*It is very finely molded and perfectly matches up with all ports.

*It completely covers the XL so onlookers won't really know what color your XL is unless you closely examine the holes around the cameras. (it peeks out a bit)

*it's washable. This is always the case with silicone protectors. Very good, since bacteria may accumulate on the device.

*It leaves a strange residue I've never experience with any other silicone case but is easily cleaned with electronics cleaning spray. (specifically, Windex's version)

*It does keep the buttons clean but things can fall into the joystick nub area and squeeze into the inside of the XL (not really the case's fault)

*It's thin. This is not a case for protecting your XL from falls, spills, and dust. It will protect it from scratches, though. Very well.

*It's loose. Particularly around the home/start/select buttons. Lots of odd fibers and dust get in through there. Around the Dpad, buttons, and top faceplate, it's quite tight and firm unless you rub to move it around.
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