Out of every Advance Wars ever made, which one is the best?

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  3. Out of every Advance Wars ever made, which one is the best?

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#11
AW2 is probably the best overall. The balance in AWDS is a joke. Days of Ruin is a bit better but it changes things a lot and I kind of prefer the original.
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User Info: Zaphod65

4 years ago#12
I'd also say Advance Wars 2 is the best. I'd hoped it would be one of the GBA games given to 3DS Ambassadors, but no such luck.
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#13
My favorite is Dual Strike, but I can see why people would like AW2 more. I actually haven't played too much of that one.
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#14
Days of Ruin is my favourite.

DS is too unbalanced, Black hole Rising is probably my second favourite, and the first one is very dated...
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User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
4 years ago#15
I WANT to say AW2, but I never managed to beat the last Green Earth mission. It is ridiculously complex. And with the unzoomoutable map, I don't have the patience to attempt to muddle toward victory.

DS has lots of nice features but is too easy overall.

#1 is somewhat lacking in variety, but probably has the most evenly varied and satisfying campaign.

DoR had a fresh new balance and a great story, but was somewhat lacking in magical satsifaction, you know?

I really have no verdict.
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User Info: Shadowman621

4 years ago#16
Advance Wars 2. Dual Strike is also really great but can be really broken at times with tag powers.
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User Info: legaleyesit420

4 years ago#17

User Info: Rorix

4 years ago#18
2 is the best. Best balancing between the COs and a lot of content overall. 1 is good but inferior to 2, Dual Strike is too unbalanced. Days of Ruin is really good, too, and will probably be the easiest to get a physical copy of, but it's still not as good as 2.

User Info: randomshems

4 years ago#19
2 got me into AW days of ruin got me out of it v.v

User Info: LunarRoar

4 years ago#20
Days of Ruin is by all means fantastic, my personal favorite in the series.
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  3. Out of every Advance Wars ever made, which one is the best?

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