Kingdom Hearts 3D or Paper Mario sticker star?

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User Info: Morgalaga

4 years ago#11
I'm a bit interested in KH 3D myself.
From the demo and what I read it seems to be like KH2:
Full of lots of cool stuff (like Tron) but most of the gameplay is button mashy and has constant button prompts that cause you to automatically hit everything.

Sorry if I'm insulting but I personally only want the game if it nods towards KH1 and Birth by Sleep.

User Info: poptarts22

4 years ago#12
Paper Mario gets complained about for the wrong reasons around here.

No story is fine.
No partners is fine.
Not being TYD or 64 is fine.

The problem is with the game mechanics themselves.

1) There is too big of a power difference between battle stickers and Thing stickers when it comes to bosses. It's okay to make bosses have weaknesses, but not to the point that it almost completely negates anything outside of infinijumps, especially when the game expects the player to have flung specific Things into stickers ahead of time. From there it becomes an issue of knowing when to use the specific thing stickers on top of already having them (i.e. the sponge right before the poison spit). Yes, you can get specific hints from Kersti about the boss...after you die. In fact, needing to fling Things into stickers in the first place ends up hindering the entire mechanic in the first place, as cute as the dev team may have thought it was. This might be alleviated a bit if the game treated Things as permanent objects you retained in your inventory that simply required "Thing Points" (TP) to use.

2) 50% of the Thing stickers don't get used outside of contributing them to the museum. By the time you have enough sticker pages to justify carrying around multiple giant Thing stickers, the game is almost over, at which point you have also been taught to be punished for using any Thing that isn't the "right" Thing.

3) Many segments of game progression are locked behind invisible blocks and narrow passages in the background of the screen. It's okay to hide extra, fun goodies and secrets to games. It's not okay to hide game progression behind those things. It's a puzzle to decipher hieroglyphics in a temple. It's not a puzzle to jump at a specific spot (and this is outside of the invis blocks that have flowers underneath them as a clue) or walk behind a random bush that otherwise looks flat, even with 3D on. Imagine if you couldn't clear the original Super Mario Bros without knowing where the invisible 1-Up mushroom was on stage 1-1.

4) There is no meaningful reward for combat; therefore, there is no reason to get into combat. Prior to world 4, the amount of coins you get for defeating an enemy is negligible, especially when stickers are so abundant that the only thing you need to use coins on is black market Things and secret doors. The one saving grace of game design in this aspect is that battles aren't forced.

The only real point where the game hit it's stride was World 4; specifically, the Enigmansion. The puzzles had context, (fire) battle stickers were on par with Things in boss combat, and progression flowed extremely well.

Anyway, just wanted to get this out there, regardless of whether or not you agree with any of the points brought up. It's okay to defend a game, but it's frustrating to see a game being defended over the wrong reasons.

And, again, none of these things are game-breaking, they are just poor game design choices that could have easily been alleviated by a few tweaks to gameplay.

Sticker Star felt like it was too afraid of being an RPG, but when it drifted towards being a point and click puzzle adventure game, it didn't drift far enough and the final result was some hybrid that didn't incorporate proper game mechanics from EITHER genre.

User Info: Dragon_lord27

4 years ago#13
Kingdom Hearts.
Gameplay is fun.

Plus your ears and go lalalalallala while it talks about the story.
The PS3 and 360 can battle each other over who's breasts look more realistic.
The Wii is all about having fun with them. ~Girl Gamer~
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