Do you think Kojima regrets all the effort he put into MGS:3D?

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  3. Do you think Kojima regrets all the effort he put into MGS:3D?

User Info: Steve_Teddie

4 years ago#1
I know it turned out to be a shoddy port, but with a bunch of extra content. It barely sold 200k, a few thousand more than the Vita version, which was likely a simple port since it was unchanged from PS3/360 versions.

Do you think it's likely 3DS sees another MGS title? I think not.

User Info: Sebastian1989

4 years ago#2
I doubt that Kojima did anything with the 3DS port. But the original is amazing, sooooooo
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4 years ago#3
What makes it so much worse?

User Info: eddystolemyname

4 years ago#4
I thought it was a pretty good port, with little to no extra content. It didn't sell because they released the HD collection at the same time.

And I also doubt Kojima had anything to do with the 3DS port.

User Info: hyper kobun dash

hyper kobun dash
4 years ago#5

MGS:3D <
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User Info: aak57

4 years ago#6
From: POOKISTAN | #003
What makes it so much worse?

May the world be mended

User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#7
What effort? //
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User Info: SpaceDesperado

4 years ago#8
the only 'extra' contents are saving photos to your sd card and the peacewalker camera + controls

User Info: danny5329

4 years ago#9
stuttering framerate killed the game

User Info: grans

4 years ago#10
From: POOKISTAN | #003
What makes it so much worse?

As said the framerate. But it also in general looks worse than the PS2 version, particularly with lower polygon character models and having poor draw distance on grass and similar foliage (and the foliage being less dense).

A couple of models did get normal maps but that's basically the only improvement the rest is a downgrade. A game that runs at about 20fps max and drops far below that consistently, not a very pleasant experience (especially to people like myself who actually get headaches and dizziness from choppy framerates).
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  3. Do you think Kojima regrets all the effort he put into MGS:3D?

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