Do you think Kojima regrets all the effort he put into MGS:3D?

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  3. Do you think Kojima regrets all the effort he put into MGS:3D?

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#11
Sebastian1989 posted...
I doubt that Kojima did anything with the 3DS port. But the original is amazing, sooooooo

Yeah, he only had minor involvement in the 3DS port.
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4 years ago#12
That sucks it's such a downgrade - Peace Walker controls in a port of that would've been cool.

Framerate is prolly even more significant than games becoming HDifyed in those collections too - Peace Walker is infinitely better in the HD Collection 'cuz the framerate is sooo much better (the online play is the runner-up)...

User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#13
grans posted...
From: POOKISTAN | #003
What makes it so much worse?

As said the framerate. But it also in general looks worse than the PS2 version, particularly with lower polygon character models and having poor draw distance on grass and similar foliage (and the foliage being less dense).

A couple of models did get normal maps but that's basically the only improvement the rest is a downgrade. A game that runs at about 20fps max and drops far below that consistently, not a very pleasant experience (especially to people like myself who actually get headaches and dizziness from choppy framerates).

"Headaches and dizziness" wow. I'm not trying to be a douche but damn dude. I'm glad you never played old school NES games. People now are such crybabies.
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User Info: grans

4 years ago#14
From: MATADOR480 | #013
"Headaches and dizziness" wow. I'm not trying to be a douche but damn dude. I'm glad you never played old school NES games. People now are such crybabies.

Calling someone a crybaby is indeed trying to be a douche, particularly for something that they physically cannot control (like an allergy or any sort of painful physical intolerance to something they can't help). Even if it's just ignorance on your part for not having the same reaction and having no idea what it's like. I would suggest experiencing your own uncontrollable ill feeling before you think it's fair to call people crybabies about their own physical issues.

My tolerance for choppy framerates can differ depending on the day as well as the severity of the framerate problems. Some days i'm more physically tolerant of the issue than other days (so it's a bit like migraines in that regard). It also depends on how choppy the framerate is. If the framerate only rarely dips about 5fps (from a general rate of 30fps for example), I'm not at all likely to have a problem. But with a game like MGS where the framerate is already maxed out at an extremely low rate (20fps), and consistently dropping FAR below even that already pathetic rate (low teens and single digits), it's highly likely i'm going to start getting dizzy and get a headache if I continue playing for long. I've recently played Kingdom Hearts 3D (which has some framerate issues), love the game but at times the choppiness made me a bit ill. Regardless of how it physically makes me feel, the framerate issues in MGS3D were caused by lazy porting and could/should have been corrected.

Also derpy and incorrect to say I never played old school NES games. I grew up in the NES and SNES era, old school games of both eras are my thing and i've played (and continue to play) a ton that have major slowdown. The problem with your statement is that the type of slowdown on old school NES games (AND SNES) is completely different and not comparable whatsoever to the kind MGS3D suffers from. Old NES games tend to have "slow motion" lag. The action generally remains quite smooth, the game will just run at a slower pace (so moving around takes longer). The slow motion variety of slowdown doesn't give me headaches whatsoever due to their still generally smooth action. I have no problems playing old school NES games as a result. Hell the funny thing is that when a game slows down in this manner it can sometimes even benefit the player. Things going in slow motion can give you more time to react to something.

The sort of lag MGS3D experiences is different entirely. The action doesn't become "slow", though it's often referred to by people (sometimes including myself) somewhat inaccurately as "slowdown". In fact the game still runs at a fast pace. If you compare a cutscene from the 3DS version to PS2, despite the lag the 3DS version's scenes are still played and completed within the same amount of time as the PS2 version's. Gameplay also doesn't move at a slower pace either. If the game simply slowed down like many 8bit games did, the cutscenes for instance in the 3DS version would take longer to play than in the original (and you'd be moving around more a lot more slowly in gameplay). MGS3D keeps the gameplay and action as fast as the original by cutting out frames. So instead of the action simply appearing slower (but still smooth), the game's action appears choppy instead.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: robulastage

4 years ago#15
The 3DS port is so bad I usually forget it exists. I think I played 1/9th of the way through the game before I stopped and sold it. Haven't regretted that decision.

And I'm like grans, the choppy framerate actually made me feel bad, but I have a small history with games affecting me like that and sometimes worse. Twisted Metal 1 on PS1 consistantly made me motion sick, Goldeneye made me motion sick sometimes, and playing Black Ops 1 once at a LAN party last year made me motion sick.

Edit: I also can't play Guitar Hero at all. I start feeling funny after a few songs.
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