What's the point of having dual screens on the 3DS anymore?

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User Info: hpl138

4 years ago#31
guedesbrawl posted...
Vyers posted...
So what you're saying is that the game has no obligation to be of quality.

Fact: If the seals were not in DoS, the worst thing that would happen is that the quality would remain the same. The game would not become worse, and would arguably be better because it doesn't have a function that has no merit beyond being used to show a gimmick. It is not necessary to the game's quality; I don't think I've met a single human being who has touted it as something that helps define the game in a positive way.

The thing here is that it is a function that basically says "okay, so you know that gameplay? That simple, dumb, but still pretty dang fun game that you've been playing? Well stop it! We have a gimmick to force upon you." Very few games have managed to implement a mechanic, especially on the fly, that is both good and divergent from the primary gameplay model. I certainly cannot fathom any. DoS is not an exception to this. It would be like if Super Mario 3D Land had you play a mini-game at the end of every level.

yep,it adds nothing,but it also takes nothing away.
and for god's sake, it takes 2 seconds,tops,to do the damned thing,you are just butthurt you are unskilled.

That was my feeling. Should they have put the seals in? Probably not. It wasn't fun, but it was such a quick and easy thing to do it didn't annoy me either. It was a fairly early DS game, back when all the companies were desperately trying to shoe horn in touch screen mechanics whether they belonged or not. They are WAY worse examples than that particular game of this sort of thing.

User Info: Ekaru

4 years ago#32
It's actually more important for there to be two screens on the 3DS than on the regular DS due to the 3DS effect. Even without touch controls you still want to have as little crap on the top screen as possible to maximize the effect. Having a 2D bottom screen fixes this issue very easily.

Also, developers have figured out the best ways to use the bottom screen so nowadays it typically adds to the experience instead of feeling shoehorned in. Yeah, early on there were some causalities but nowadays that's rarely an issue.
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User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#33
"i thought I had seen everything" is a phrase often used.

I say it again in response to people actually defending a factually bad game mechanic. Seriously - people are actually defending it by arguing that it doesn't harm the game. It doesn't add to it. That means that it is space on the cartridge unused. That means that it is a concept forced into the game for reasons that have nothing to do with a genuine attempt at making the best product that they could think of. It was there to sell copies by saying "touch screen capability, wow!". If something that is actively front-and-center in a game is neither good nor bad, it becomes bad because it serves no purpose other than to be there.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#34
For this:

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User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#35
castlevania and any other game with a map on the bottom screen, just general displays, and gimmicks to make original game mechanics...
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