Bestbuy Canada - 3DS XL $159.99

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User Info: Portaljacker

4 years ago#11
squills29 posted...
DAMN IT. Just bought and XL and I'm in Canada.

So it goes I guess

If you bought it in the last 14 days I think they'll give you the difference. I think...I know they don't do it with holiday prices but this isn't a holiday.

User Info: Godstriker8

4 years ago#12
they had it at 150 during boxing week as well
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User Info: PompousDawson

4 years ago#13
Bought a blue one today at the Barrie Best Buy. Picked up a 64GB memory card too. The difference in screen size is impressive.

User Info: Dark_Abaddon

4 years ago#14
DarkZenith2 posted...
Here at Superstore (in canada) they have the blue/red XL for 149.99

Dark Zenith

got a link?
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User Info: businessman999

4 years ago#15
Do the bundles have lower prices too?
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

4 years ago#16
businessman999 posted...
Do the bundles have lower prices too?

No, just the basic red/blue
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