What is your favorite game you played for the first time in 2012?

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  3. What is your favorite game you played for the first time in 2012?

User Info: SuperMario1998

4 years ago#1
Maybe it was released in 2012, or maybe you were late picking it up.

For example, mine is KH2. So awesome.
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User Info: El_Dustino

4 years ago#2
Probably Skies of Arcadia.
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User Info: Halladay32

4 years ago#3
Hmm...Probably Xenoblade Chronicles, with honourable mentions to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, Virtue's Last Reward, and Rayman Origins.
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User Info: RayzerTag

4 years ago#4
Virtue's Last Reward, but my favorite non-2012 game of 2012 was Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#5
Maybe Valkyria Chronicles. I'd say Pokemon White 2, but I feel like I need to discount any Pokemon game when talking about my favorite of any year or they'd all be Pokemon.
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User Info: Wario_man

4 years ago#6
PH1R57 1'lL G37 73H 7R345Ur3, 4nD 7h3N 1'lL G37 JoO.

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#7
Resident Evil Revelations.
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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#8
Persona 4 Golden
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User Info: TinyTim123

4 years ago#9
aamot posted...
Resident Evil Revelations.

The first modern style Resident Evil I have enjoyed and been able to beat. This includes 4.
Possibly Borderlands 2, also.

User Info: Gogo726

4 years ago#10
Are we talking about games we first played in 2012, but weren't released that year? None that I can think of for the 3DS, but Blue Dragon for the 360 is my choice. Been enjoying that game.
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  3. What is your favorite game you played for the first time in 2012?

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