After Smash Bros on 3DS and WiiU is finished...

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User Info: Geno

4 years ago#41
Carbuncle009 posted...
levyjl1988 posted...
There should be a Pokemon game in the style of Smash Bros. that's always fun. My friends usually did a 1v1 Pokemon battle.

Remember that SSBM Event Match where it was you and Pikachu throwing Poke Balls? I loved playing that as Jigglypuff.

My friends and I, when we were bored of the main game, would play one stock Pokemon battles, where one stood on the other end of the stage and the other on the opposite end. You could jump and double jump to throw your Pokeball further to get it closer to the opponent for better results, and you could actively recover if necessary/possible. First person KO'ed lost. It was great fun.

Only time you could move from your spot was to pick up a Pokeball that'd spawned.
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User Info: Skyminxyz

4 years ago#42
MachEvolution posted...
You people are taking this way out of hand. I'm not saying it should be exactly like the show, what I'm saying is that real-time battles are better representations of how pokemon battles would play out in a more realistic representation of the series. And no, I'm not advocating making the game entirely realistic, but there are certain elements like a real-time battle system which would result in much great immersion into the series. Essentially fleshing out a fantasy world.

Also, you're all assuming that real-time means making the game an Action RPG when in fact a proper system would actually make it more like a RTS. You seem to forget that even with the turn-based system we have now, you aren't directly controlling the pokemon, you are the trainer issuing commands to your pokemon. It would be the same with a real-time system, you're the trainer issuing commands to the pokemon which itself is controlled entirely by the AI. Switching to a real-time system allows for significantly greater diversity in battles as well as substantially increasing the level of strategy that can be applied. It would make battles much more dynamic and intense.

And "don't fix what isn't broken," isn't always good advice. If you follow that line of thought too much you end up stagnating, like the series is right now. All the changes between Gen1 and Gen5 have been overall fairly minor, Pokemon is still very much the same game it was 15 years ago. Sure, it's not a bad game, but it's just the same game over and over again.

<.< Eh, with your logic I fear what Smogon would do in this kinda of Gameplay.

But seriously the only "change" I wouldn't really care about would be if they made the gameplay have the option to "Dodge" but not like PokePark, but rather that PokeWalker feature. It would rely more on luck to risk dodging, but if you fail to dodge then they would make you do nothing to prevent brokenness. They could simply disable this feature for "Classics" fans online as well for competitive play to stay as well.
^Yeah just some random pointless idea...

Regardless TC's idea would make a lot less people play it, because the way I see it a lot of the older fans would leave due to ev's/iv's not mattering as much if all you really got do is attack and dodge.

Besides TC you do realize that GF recently admitted they try to make as little changes as possible each gen to keeps getting great sales, rather than going from gen 4 to say gen 6 right off the bat right? They admitted their goal is to make as little changes as possible each gen, but still more than enough to keep fans from still buying them each time. (This doesn't apply to "Third Versions" however)
Found this info on quite a few articals might Google it later for source.
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User Info: RocketZXblue

4 years ago#43
MachEvolution posted...
Except the series does need radical change. Pokemon battles should be real-time as seen in the anime.

I agree with this, it should be 6 vs 6 all out battles with every pokemon out at the SAME TIME.
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