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The one franchise you're tired of Nintendo neglecting constantly.

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User Info: Brownbearbob

4 years ago#41
Donkey Kong
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User Info: Lwaxana_Troi

4 years ago#42
Wave Race and Star Tropics are the only ones that have been really neglected.

I voted Wave Race since I don't much like Star Tropics.

User Info: rab103

4 years ago#43
I long for the day a New F-Zero get's released stop ignoring it Nintendo.
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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#44
Custom Robo
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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#45
Nintendo neglects Metroid? That's news to me.

User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#46
Star Fox and Mother pretty much. I want a new Metroid, yes, but I want a new good Star Fox more than anything. I also want them to bring Mother outside of Japan already.

User Info: MarioFanaticXV

4 years ago#47
Metroid has hardly been neglected as of late...

That being said, Star Tropics. It didn't even get sticker representation in Brawl.
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User Info: Darkastral

4 years ago#48
Crybabylover posted...
Custom Robo.
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User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#49
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#50
Star Fox
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  3. The one franchise you're tired of Nintendo neglecting constantly.

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