So I wanted a white 3DS

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User Info: skulper34

4 years ago#1
When i got my 3DS i hated the color choices and really made the system boring. Then I found this on amazon.
I have to say this is the best $4 I ever spent. It brightened up my 3DS and it has a really nice texture that shines. The whiteness on the inside really makes the screen pop-out and its a lot smoother to hold in your hand, this alone makes me want to play games longer. I have to recommend this to anyone who wishes an alternative color on their current ugly red/blue 3ds.

User Info: pariah164

4 years ago#2
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#3
My red XL looks great. Not sure why you'd mar your unobtrusive black interior with that distracting white, but I suppose one is free to be as foolish as they like...

User Info: DarkLink346

4 years ago#4
I wasn't thrilled about the XL colors, either, but now I really like how my blue one looks.
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User Info: longlivemegaman

4 years ago#5
I like my blue 3DS XL as well... Games like Kid Icarus Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land look glorious on it.
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User Info: 01Philip01

4 years ago#6
I want a white 3ds, I'm still waiting for one. Skins are dont do it justice. Got a blue dragon skin on mine.
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