Game/s you regret purchasing for the 3DS

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User Info: BatenKait0s

4 years ago#41
Heroes of Ruin.

Fun for a bit but man, they could have done so much more with it.
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#42
Nothing, I only buy a game when I'm 100% sure about it.

User Info: TronBonne09

4 years ago#43
Theatrhythm. I'm not a fan of pure rhythm games. I need much more to keep me interested. I thought the fantastic music would be enough but it wasn't, since I found the gameplay to be so repetitive and boring after a few hours. I'm not saying it's a bad game, just not a game for me.
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User Info: VideoGameBlitz

4 years ago#44
Nothing yet, only have Mario Kart 7 and Tales of the Abyss, looking to purchase Fire Emblem: Awakening next.

Taking it slow with the 3DS and picking my titles wisely.
Not changing until a FFVI(6) remake is released 5/21/10

User Info: randomshems

4 years ago#45
heroes of ruin
sticker star
only due to the amount of playtime I got out of them >>

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#46
None as of yet.
Obey the Queen

User Info: boring_name

4 years ago#47
Mario Kart 7 might be the only one, pretty disappointing.

User Info: DiabIo

4 years ago#48
Too many people here are saying Uprising. That's saddening.
I'd say Sticker Star myself. Due to nothing actually mattering in the game (no plot, no exp, no partners, etc.), I stopped playing after I beat the first world. I'll beat it eventually, but holy **** is that game boring.
Call me Dimentio or Diab(lo).
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User Info: SpaceDesperado

4 years ago#49
abbyhitter posted...
None. I fully research the games that I purchase so that I know that I will like it. I'm really picky and cheap when it comes to throwing my money at video games! I'm very selective.

hah, i thought i was the only one on these boards

User Info: melbye80

4 years ago#50
Kirby's Dream Land 1, 2 , Blaster Master Enemy Below, Gargoyle's Quest and Double Dragon
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