Playing Dragon Quest IX on my 3DS

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User Info: AncientAstro

4 years ago#11
It harkens me back to the great time I had with DQ8 on the PS2 a decade ago. Granted the graphics aren't as polished but DQ9 is just as charming.

User Info: esoteric42

4 years ago#12
I've put in about 100 hours into this game, and haven't even scratched the surface, still.

Grottoes, quests, recepies...

I just started playing again a couple days ago, and I still adore this game.

DQVII can't get here soon enough.
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User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#13
it's in my top 30 favorite games ever.

User Info: Zacks_Fair

4 years ago#14
What's all this talk about Dairy Queen?
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#15
AncientAstro posted...
Dragon Quest X is coming to the Wii and Wii U right?

Yes, and it is a lackluster MMO.
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User Info: Delirious_Beard

4 years ago#16
DQIX is alright. I appreciate the fact that it has an actual endgame, but I felt really underwhelmed by the story and characters, as well as class balance.

User Info: musumane

4 years ago#17
Dragon Quest/Warrior 7 is like the exact opposite of 9. 9 focused on the endgame and character creating, while 7 focused on the core game and the characters. They are both massive games for different reasons, but 7 takes about 50-60 hours just to complete the core game.
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User Info: Arsene-Lupin

4 years ago#18
From: xoftheuniverse | #009
Personally I think DQ9 was the weakest of the DS DQ games (I didn't play spinoffs so IDK about them) I recommend DQ5. I love that game.

I disagree. Barely. Because of the combat system and story alone, I'd say it's slightly better than DQ4 on DS, but that's only because they didn't bother to translate most of the dialog in the localization of DQ4.
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