Just bought 3DS XL,now why?

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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#11
3DS games are made to look high res with the DEFAULT SIZE, not the 3DS XL's larger screen. Games like Resident Evil Revelations look amazing, and with the 3D effect on you shouldn't notice any jaggies; however that won't be the case if you upscale it. That's what the 3DS XL does.

As for the PSP, once again, most games are made for its screen. That's why some PSP games look lower quality on the Vita's screen, as well as on TVs.
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User Info: VannofThursday

4 years ago#12
Razieru posted...
TC the HONEST answer is that it is a typical Nintendo product - rife with outdated and inferior tech. It's really nothing new. Just wait until you start playing/viewing DS games on it. Blech.

i have pokemon black 2.yup the game is over pixelated.youll notice it is streched.
For the love for MH,everything on 3DS XL is ok for me ^_^.
And about Turning off the Power saving?
Yup the game is more sharper and the color is more ok.thanks for that.

User Info: ssg3000

4 years ago#13
If you don't mind playing games with black boarders, the XL is great for running DS games at their natural resolution. Holding start and select while starting a DS game will allow you to give it a try if you want the picture to be crisp.
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