Nintendo needs new IPs

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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#11
jedinat posted...
Okay, I'm coming up with a new IP for them right now....

-It's got a whimsical art style--think Wind Waker but crazier
-You've inherited this huge fantasy theme park extravaganza that goes out of business just as your distant relation whom you inherited from dies--nobody thought it could go on without him and left. It's a big deal in this world--it's like happiness has gone out from everything.
-All the employees and creatures running and entertaining within the place scatter across the world and end up sort of like depressing out of work circus performers
-It's your job to bring it all back together
-There's a basic combat system but it's not really about the combat (RPG style combat--not action)
-You travel across all the lands recruiting new and old employees and acts
-There's lots of character development and some adventure game elements as you solve problems and convince people to return with you
-It's open world and fairly massive in scope
-There's some basic "running the theme park" managing elements, but that's also not really what the game is about
-It's sort of an open world RPG that's more about discovery and problem solving that anything else

I like these ideas. unfortunately EVERY time nintendo comes with a new ip it's dismissed it almost seems like these people will except nothing less the an fps...
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