When is Nintendo going to release 3DS XL colors that aren't UGLY?!

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  3. When is Nintendo going to release 3DS XL colors that aren't UGLY?!

User Info: ZeroRaider

4 years ago#1
Red and black? Blue and back? Damn Nintendo, pick a color and stick with it! These hybrid colored 3DS XL's look cheap and slapped together.

Not to mention they pick the ugliest possible shade of blue.

It's like Nintendo has to give the original 3DS model an incentive so people are still willing to buy it. That incentive is color schemes that don't look dreadful.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is begging for the Midnight Purple color scheme to be ported to it.

User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#2
Have you ever even seen the XL in person? My red one isn't ugly in the least. I don't even really like red.

User Info: mabber_III

4 years ago#3
I don't think you have seen a xl in person

they are very shiny and nice looking

User Info: kdiz4321

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't say either is ugly, but I do think they could use some darker colors.
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User Info: The_Pig_Hostage

4 years ago#5
I've been trying to hold out for better colors (all black, or that silver/black one they got in Europe), but with the Best Buy sale right now, I think I'm just gonna go for it. Silly looking blue, it is.

User Info: EnVy_CaLiBeR

4 years ago#6
My blue XL is sexy. I don't know what you're talking about. lol
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User Info: Akira502002

4 years ago#7
Blue one here and I have no problem with it.
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User Info: Janus151

4 years ago#8
I have seen both the Blue/Black and the Red/Black...I wouldn't say they are ugly, per say, they are definitely nicer in person than in pictures. But they are ugly enough for me to not want to buy one until other colours come out. I'm personally still waiting for the all-black one. I'm hoping they announce it when Luigi's Mansion or Monster Hunter come out.

User Info: randomshems

4 years ago#9
better colors once people stop caring about them :P

User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

4 years ago#10
I'm getting the sexy pink/white model in a couple weeks. I've had the chance to see one in person and it's great! That said, I wish there was a solid black model because that'd definitely be my first choice.
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