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User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#1
How quickly we forget

Both were tweeted by Kojima in August 2011, yet never heard about it from him again.

User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#2
It was just a prank from them, I think. MGS3D kinda bombed, so I'm not surprised if they didn't go with it.
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User Info: blueninja4444

4 years ago#3
We don't have any real mecha games on the 3DS do we?
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#4
They're making a ZoE3, but it's not for the 3DS
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#5
MGS3D was terrible. Then again remember MGS3 was for PS3 not PS2 oh wait- lol
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