why gen 5 has the worst pokemon

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User Info: EricFlyffMaster

4 years ago#1
hi its me eric
too many ppl think everyone is wrong when they say generation five of pokemon has the worst pokemon looks but theyre actually right and im gonna tell u why

every generation had its share of ugly goofy looking pokemon but the fifth generation beats them all
im gonna show u a list of goofy black/white pokemon then compare it to the other generations
u will open ur eyes and stop being gen v fanboys

ok heres the list of goofy gen v pokemon

1- victini - very dumb its like someone picked a random letter and made a pokemon of it i mean really a pokemon shaped like V making V victory with its hands how stupid is that -_-
2- tepig - cmon its a pig with speedoes
3- dewott
4- samurott - wth is this a quadruped animal with human grey hair and moustache so goofy
5- patrat
6- watchog - are u serious lol
7- lillipup - a puppy with a permanent pie splashed on its face lol
8- stoutland - u must be blind if u cant see whats wrong with this
9- simisage - ugh it was better before it evolved lol
10- simisear
11- simipour - whats with the reggae hair omg
12- woobat
13- swoobat - a bat with a reatrd face and a ridiculous heart-shaped nose
14- excadrill - omg worst evolution idea ever after dugtrio they just throw a bunch of awkward armor and blades on drillbur so overkill
15- audino
16- gurdurr
17- conkeldurr - a buff clown with a derp face good job gamefreak
18- seismitoad - they did the impossible they picked a croagunk who was already ugly and beat it a thousand times with a truck and then this abomination was the result
19- throh - a red little man so creative
20- sawk - throh's blue slim brother wow so creative another set of multicolored clones just like pansear pansage panpour
21- sewaddle - caterpie with a leaf and inflated gigantic head
22- lilligant - bellossom clone so creative
23- krokorok
24- krookodile - ugly cousin of feraligatr
25- darmanitan - merging mammoswine with emboar so creative
26- dwebble - paras clone
27- crustle - a lasagna-crab so awesome
28- scraggy - one of the ugliest and goofiest pokemon ever
29- scrafty - only thing uglier and goofiest than above
30- cofragigus - random object with a face omg
31- carracosta - because we dont have enough turtles yet and blastoise doesnt exist
32- trubbish - random object with a goofy face omg
33- garbodor - is this pokemon or a nickelodeon cartoon
34- gothita - lol
35- gothorita - loool
36- gothitelle - my eyes!!!!
37- vanillite - random object with a DQ slime face omg
38 - vanillish
39- vanilluxe - worst than dodrio good job gamefreak
40- foongus
41- amoonguss
42- klink - random object with a face omg
43- klang
44- klinklang
45- litwick - random object with a face omg
46- lampent - again
47- chandelure - again
48- cubchoo - goofy ridiculous and gross wth were they thinkin
49- beartic - disgusting bear shaped like a triangle
50- cryogonal - very random object with a face omg
51- accelgor - stupid protruding lips ruined its design
52- deino - a dragon with emo hair this is brilliant gamefreak
53- zweilous - lol
54- tornadus, 55- thundurus, 56- landorus - stupid names for oh look more multicolored clones worst legendary trio ever
55- keldeo - just goofy

gen v has 55 stupid pokemon thats more than 1/3 of the roster!!!

(dont post yet im gonna make 2 more posts to complete this)
im gonna be a poster like no one ever was before

User Info: EricFlyffMaster

4 years ago#2
now lets see gen 1 because everyone says ppl only like it for nostalgia but thats not true

1- wartortle - stupid wings on the head are so stupid it didnt carry on in the evolution
2- nidoqueen - omg dinosaur with breasts so awkward
3- golbat - srlsy goofy and creepy
4- gloom - gross goofy and awkward
5- diglett - lol did they hire a demented 5 years old to draw this
6- dugtrio - 3 diglett with angry eyebrows so creative
7- weepinbell - lol
8- magnemite - random object with a face
9- magneton - dugtrio logic
10- dodrio - lol again
11- grimer - big gunk with a face
12- muk - omg grimer has a serious face now what a creative evolution idea
13- shellder - epitome of goofyness
14- ghastly - a floating spirit ball with a face
15- hypno
16- voltorb - pokeball with a face
17- electrode - pokeball with a derp face
18- hitmonchan - ballet boxing fighter what a stupid idea
19- tangela - wth
20- mr. mime - creepy
21- jynx - what were they smoking
22- ditto - lol
23- dragonite - they were making a cool-looking dragon then they though screw it and drew a goofy face

gen 1 has 23 stupid pokemon thats almost half the ammount gen v has

now lets see gen 2 which a lot of ppl seem to love too

1- chikorita - looks like mutant artificially created freakshow from some lab
2- crobat - gamefreak is good at making ugly things uglier omg stupid evolution
3- togetic
4- dunsparce
5- wooper
6- quagsire
7- unown - the father of all stupid random objects with a face... letters with a face!!!
8- politoed - goofiest frog
9- slowking - omg lololol
10- pineco - guess what
11- ambipom - poor aipom
12- hitmontop
13- girafarig - name as stupid as the design
14- miltank
15- magby
16- smoochum
17- natu
18- xatu
19- lickilicky - LOL
20- tangrowth - worse than dugtrio
21- raikou
22- celebi - disney movie character

gen 2 has 22 stupid pokemon thats still nothing compared to gen v
im gonna be a poster like no one ever was before

User Info: EricFlyffMaster

4 years ago#3
now lets see gen 3 which everyone hates

1- combusken - pathetic
2- mudkip - yeah u only like the stupid meme u know the design is reatrded
3- marshtomp
4- swampert - no evolution saved mudkip from being stupid
5- lombre - omg dont even ask
6- ludicolo - fitting name for a ridiculo
7- nuzleaf - a little shirtless scrawny plant kid with nipples nice gamefreak
8- ralts
9- kirlia
10- gardevoir - all three are just stupid
11- surkit - lol
12- shroomish - monobrow spore
13- slakoth
14- vigoroth
15- slaking
16- nosepass - you gotta be kidding me
17- sableye - they just made this to fill a spot nothing else
18- mawile - LOL what the **** is this
19- meditite
20- medicham
21- volbeat
22- illumise
23- gulpin
24- swalot
25- numel
26- camerupt
27- spoink - really
28- trapinch
29- altaria - so goofy and awkward it makes me sick
30- zangoose - stupid fat cat with bland design
31- armaldo - what a freak
32- tropius
33- absol
34- wynaut - whats with the tumor in its head
35- spheal
36- luvdisc
37- deoxys - all its forms dont save it from stupidity

gen 3 has 37 stupid pokemon still nothing compared to gen v

now lets see gen 4

1- monferno
2- staraptor - elvis bird lol nice
3- bidoof - good name
4- bibarel
5- kricketune - a bug with moustache wow so clever
6- budew - ok this is plan retrded
7- shieldon
8- bastiodon
9- wormadam
10- combee - LOL
11- shellos - look at its derp face
12- gastrodon
13- lopunny - awkward furry fanservice
14- purugly - herp derp look at me im gamefreaks i think im clever making an intentional ugly evolution herp derp
15- skuntank - its face looks like a butt thats enough reason
16- bronzor - another object with a face sigh
17- bronzong
18- gible
19- hippopotas - so goofy it hurts looks so out of place in the games
20- hippodown
21- drapion
22- croagunk
23- toxicroak
24- carnivine - scribbled by a 3 years old also out of place
25- rotom - the grandfather of the objects with a face gamefreak did this and thought omg were genius and so gen v became what it is
26- probopass - lol
27- glaceon - someone put a wig from one of those simpsons twin girls on eevees evolution
28- porygon z - we didnt need another lame porygon

so gen 4 has 28 stupid pokemon

then this is how it is
gen 1 - 23 stupid pokemon
gen 2 - 22
gen 3 - 37
gen 4 - 28
gen 5 - 55

who wins?? of course its gen 5

and thats why gen 5 is the worst gen now u all know
u cant use the argument oh but the old gens had stupid pokemon too no u cant use that argument because gen 5 still has 2 times as many stupid pokemon as the other generations

now u know the truth :) :S :( :D
im gonna be a poster like no one ever was before

User Info: BlueBombei2

4 years ago#4
I really thought generation five had some of the best designs since gen 1. Sure it has a few downs but there is nothing wrong with over two thirds of the pokemon you listed.

User Info: EricFlyffMaster

4 years ago#5
because ur a fanboy blinded by fanboyness so u pretend theres nothing wrong with a pokemon being awkward
im gonna be a poster like no one ever was before

User Info: BlueBombei2

4 years ago#6
EricFlyffMaster posted...
because ur a fanboy blinded by fanboyness so u pretend theres nothing wrong with a pokemon being awkward

I don't really like Pokemon that much... I've never even played gen 3. Just because I disagree that Tepig looks stupid doesn't make me a fanboy. Also Victini is pretty awesome looking. I love the Legendary B/W Pokemon. Looking over Gen 3 pokemon though they look the worse for sure.

User Info: LemonKweenstaaa

4 years ago#7
Flyff is a dumb game.
Official Orange Sherbet of the IDF

User Info: Genericgamer667

4 years ago#8

NO U!!
3DS FC: 4940-5445-8767
It is a remake, not my fault you people think ports are remakes (but only on Nintendo systems)-Demondog666 on Kid Icarus Uprising

User Info: Tendogamerxxx

4 years ago#9
I've played pokemon since the first REd and blue games, and honetsly I think this post is pathetic, I think that all generations add a little something and maybe the pokemon that is stupid to you might be the next pokemon to beat your butt to a pulp in battle. Every pokemon is different there a pokemon out there for everyone. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean someone else does too. I for one have a few favorites that many peole dont like

Taurus, Farfetch'd, Tepig, and many more but you know what? Thats my choice and those are ones that I enjoy training thus, people calling poekmon they dont like is stupid. Just play with what you like and shut up, cuz at the end of the day not everyone likes that same thing.

User Info: Tendogamerxxx

4 years ago#10
also, people say the vanellish trio are stupid because they look like ice cream cones, and they are right they do, but man that was my fav pokemon this generation. Im glad it's there.
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