How is Crashmo?

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User Info: ThePhilBrooks__

4 years ago#1
I bought Pushmo when it came out but didn't really play it until today and I'm having a blast!

Is Crashmo more of the same? Does it have more features and stuff?


User Info: Cookie_Aroma

4 years ago#2
Is Crashmo more of the same? Does it have more features and stuff?

No, it's definitely not more of the same. Sure, you're pushing and pulling blocks, but instead of sliding in or out like they do in Pushmo, the blocks fall down, which changes the way you need to play more drastically than you might initially think before playing it. Pushmo is more about climbing up to the top of a tower one step at a time, while Crashmo is more about getting the blocks to fall into a climbable set of stairs.

One mistake in Crashmo can easily make the puzzle unsolvable unless you rewind/ reset the stage, which gives the game more of a trial and error feeling than the first (for me at least). The difficulty in Crashmo is much higher than Pushmo, so much so that I find the game a lot less enjoyable than Pushmo, but for people looking for more of a challenge, Crashmo is for them.

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#3
Crashmo almost requires totally different kind of thought process to solve puzzles. Where in Pushmo there are usually a few different ways you can climb your way to the top, Crashmo (even early levels) have 1 specific order to follow to solve them.

It makes them far tougher and more rewarding when it clicks into place, but it lacks the sense of exploratory progress that Pushmo has.

I think Crashmo is the better of the two. If you liked Pushmo, you should like Crashmo too. It's just pretty different, despite seeming so similar.
"I dare you to make less sense."

User Info: mabber_III

4 years ago#4
it's less tedious, but more frustrating
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