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User Info: Legit-Troll

4 years ago#11
Recommendations below

DS games
The world ends with you
devil survivor 1 and 2
9 hours 9 persons 9 doors
chrono trigger( if you haven't played it)

3DS games
zero escape vlr
ocarina of time if you haven't played it
fire emblem awakening ( looks great)
maybe resident evil revelations when it's cheaper
DS soul hackers (coming soon)

User Info: Upyers

4 years ago#12
Ok so far ds and 3DS games i plan to get eventually(only buying exclusives for this btw)

Mario 64(ds port)
Mario Kart 7
Kid Icarus
Ocarina of time 3d
Super Princess Peach
Super Mario 3d land
paper mario
mega man zero collection
kirby mass attack
new super mario 2
zelda ph
zelda st
theatrythym ff(depending on how the demo is)

to above poster ive played own and beat chrono trigger on ps3/psp/vita love it amazing game
PSN: Upyers My top 5 fave FFs: 7, 5, 9, 2, and 4
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