so im buying a 3DS today

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User Info: billman1000

4 years ago#1
What games should I get? I wanna get ocarina of time and a pokemon game, was gonna get black 2...any suggestions?

User Info: SuperMarioBruvs

4 years ago#2
Kid icarus Uprising
Super Mario 3D Land
Prof Layton Miracle Mask
Resi Revelations
Toadsworth is awesome!

User Info: Solid_SOAP

4 years ago#3
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario 3D Land, Resident Evil: Revelations

User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#4
Kid icarus Uprising
Kingdom Hearts 3D (only if you've played other KH games)
Paper Mario Sticker Star
GT: Tommy XD001
3DS FC: 4682-8954-0442
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