Replenishing missiles in Metroid 2?

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User Info: nintendoman562

4 years ago#1
Hey, I've been really stuck in Metroid 2 for awhile now. I have 23 Metroids left and I have no missiles at all. I tried grinding for missiles by killing enemies but none of them drop any! How can I replenish my missiles so I can finally progress?

User Info: muffinmasher

4 years ago#2
There should be some little missle symbols hidden around the map that will fully restore your ammo when you touch them.
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User Info: restlessrobot

4 years ago#3
I believe enemies will only drop one type of item. If it drops health, it won't drop missiles. Find one enemy who drops missiles and then farm him. Otherwise, do what the other poster said. Scattered around the world are health and missle refills. Touching them will fill your health or missiles to max.
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#4
Enemies have different drop rates.
Ramulken, the armored octopod thing, are good for Missiles. Where as Moto, the helasaur thing, only drops big energy. On the other hand Halzyn, the Waver like enemy, drops both missiles and small energy units.

On the other hand specific rooms have missile refill units laying around. The most obvious is in the right center shaft with the ice beam up from the quicksand pit on the way to the Metroid Queen if you forgot it. There's another one earlier the large open areas of Area 6, outside of the rooms with all the weapon types, in the left wall on the right hand side(that the area right before you start fighting Omega Metroids).

Typically if you run out of missiles on the Omegas you just farm a Ramulken, since they placed a few in those vertical shafts before the final 3 Omegas. Just screw attack, grab, respawn by leaving the screen, until you have enough to beat each one. You can even do that and still make it in under 2 hours.

Oh and if you are really stuck back track to Samus's Ship that refuel both.
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