What if Nintendo just made amazing handhelds, no consoles

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User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#21
Magikoopa21 posted...
How would you feel if Nintendo stopped making home consoles and just focused solely on making the 3DS an awesome system (even more awesome than it is). They could have all their development teams make 3DS games only and maybe even improve the graphics to have HD quality titles on it. What do you think?

i would be sad all my favorite games are on the home systems. only reason i buy handheld
is for pokemon
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User Info: Dragonyeuw

4 years ago#22
If they were to pour all their resources into a super-powered handheld that has an HDMI-out option and display 720/1080 graphics on an HDTV, that wouldn't be so bad. Mind you, the cost of such a device would be well outside what a typical Nintendo console would cost and it would probably have about an hour's battery life lol.

In all honesty, most of the innovation from Nintendo's offerings in recent years have come from the handheld side IMHO.
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

4 years ago#23
And have Sony, Microsoft, and possibly Apple dominate the market? I bought less games this gen then ever before but this is is ridiculous. No thanks.
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User Info: Zanimar

4 years ago#24
With the games they made for DS and now all the games being made for 3DS, I say could very much go handheld only and be perfectly happy. Now if they could make an more powerful handheld that could handle perfect ports of console games and play games the likes of NSMB Wii U, Mass Effect, Dead Space, etc. then I'd forsake all gaming methods beyond Nintendo's handheld. :)
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User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#25
I prefer Nintendo's console games to their handheld ones so I would be pretty bummed.

I think Nintendo just needs to get someone who actually "gets it" in charge of the next home console. Keep the innovation, but at least try to have comparable power to the competition and make an effort to include the standard features modern gamers expect their consoles to have. Real accounts, achievements, friend invites on and off of Miiverse, capability of running multiplatform games, etc.

"True gamers" might be buying all consoles, but most gamers are only looking to buy one. Nintendo console not getting the majority of multiplat games or getting dumbed down versions is just not a good thing no matter how you look at it.
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User Info: gameboygrey

4 years ago#26
this isnt an unlikely scenario and if it were to happen it would be a case of Nintendo "innovating" again with microsoft and sony following suit soon after. that being said i believe gaming will move to this at some point at least for a gen or two but the portable systems would most likely be able to display on a big screen still somehow.
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