Street pass sure is worthless if you don't live in a crowded city.

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  3. Street pass sure is worthless if you don't live in a crowded city.

User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#31
I dont know, I got at a Street Pass while visiting my parents in my old hometown, which has a grand population of about 2500

You just have to be lucky I guess.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#32
I get SP a couple of times when going to school and back but I get nothing 99% of the time.

No new puzzles
most likely not going to have the games I play, IE FE and the soon to be out EOIV.

I had the green light show up yesterday to find there is no mii at all, just a SP for Mario Kart 7. At least make a freaken mii.
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User Info: 1GATORFAN

4 years ago#33
I live in a hick town of just 600 or so people and I've never even seen another person with a 3ds

Even when I travel to town for food an such I never find no one. Who would take there 3ds town anyway when most of the time it's just to get what you need and head back home.

User Info: VampireRonin

4 years ago#34
It works pretty well if you travel a lot. I fly about 4 times every month, and always get a couple of streetpasses from different states and countries while going through busy airports. I also make it a habit to always carry my 3DS in my briefcase or backpack going about town and have collected quite a few that way.

But yeah, I would imagine if you don't spend a lot of time in the city or travelling, you wont get a ton of street passes... but I think that makes each street pass more exciting!
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User Info: panicbxmb

4 years ago#35
i live in the suburbs, like an hour away from any major cities, and i get daily streetpasses.

if i go to the mall i get like 4-8, if i take it with me to class i get an easy 8-10, and if i just leave it charging by my window, i get like 1 or 2 most days, from kids walking by outside.

i still don't even have half of the puzzle pieces though, haha. my Plaza has like 400 Miis in it now.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#36
Clutch716 posted...
Actually I get enough street passes in Pittsburgh. Its not a bad city for the 3ds.

There's a decent number here in Philadelphia too surprisingly although most of the 3DS owners here have their wireless turned off for some really dumb reason. I've walked past people with their 3DSes out here and didn't get Streetpasses from them, needless to say, I wasn't pleased.
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#37
i live in a town with aroudn 3500 ppl so yea street pas HAHAHA no

thoe when i was geting a ride from by neibore home from the storte today while lookin out the window i saw some kid in the car next to us that kid was playin a 3ds

i was like NOOOOOOOO
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User Info: Halladay32

4 years ago#38
TinyTim123 posted...
OoSubaruoO posted...
I've only seen one person in my area with a 3DS on them, and that was on the bus.

Lucky. We don't have a bus in my town. Hence, I walk. Honestly though, a mile to uni isn't that far, and I would likely walk there anyway.

If I remember correctly and Subaru is in the same city as me, then the bus system is nothing to be envied here. Now the train system on the other hand is divine.

Anyway, I've never bothered to take my 3DS out of the house, since I'm paranoid about leaving it somewhere or having it get damaged or something. Even if I did, I doubt I'd get many street passes though. I think the last time I saw someone with a Nintendo handheld was a guy with a DS during one of my Chemistry classes in college many years ago.
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User Info: tropireno

4 years ago#39
I never get a hit on streetpass.
I think I may be the only person in my entire city who owns a 3DS.
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#40
From: Robot_Satan | #020
Solar_Crimson posted...
Yeah, it's pretty bad here in Detroit as well. I have gotten a few every so often, though. And I got scores of them at an anime convention a few months ago.

StreetPass was definitely made with the Japanese society in mind. Same with the social aspects of Pokemon games.

Have you tried going on Wayne State's Campus? I used to get a couple there per day

That's a good idea, and I do live very close to the campus. However, I don't really have time to do so. - My Backloggery
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  3. Street pass sure is worthless if you don't live in a crowded city.

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