Square-Enix blames their failure at the consumers

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User Info: loeher182

4 years ago#101
TL;DR - I loved FFXIII so maybe don't bother reading?

Fact is, JRPGs are not cost-efficient to produce for home consoles nowadays. People are into online and offline casual games, shooters and WRPGs. JRPGs are slowly turning into a niche market for Gen Y people and older iGen kids. With the development costs of video games steadily rising, I think things won't be easier next gen. Yes, JRPGs don't need high production values to be great games but SE has been known to push the envelope when it comes to JRPG tech so you can't blame them for putting in the effort for the FFXIII trilogy and their other games. It's almost expected of them. Moreover, it's the cost of making video games in the modern era that's keeping SE from developing simultaneous blockbusters like they used to do back in their glory days (I was there too). SE shouldn't blame their struggles solely on the market and consumers but yes, they are contributing factors in their struggling video game business.

As for the gameplay of the recent FFs, I loved FFXII and FFXIII's gameplay. I've played dozens of turn-based RPGs so their battle systems were a refreshing change (but yeah, XIII was linear as heck). As an avid RPG player, I just look for my turn-based fix elsewhere (such as my beloved DQ series) and enjoy whatever FF game SE releases for what they are. As someone who's played all the single-player FF titles, I'm glad the recent games each tried something new with the gameplay. I honestly can't replay FFX although I enjoyed it a lot back in 2003.

But yeah, they should really look into localizing Type 0, DQM:TW, DQ7, and BDF. The handhelds were the haven of JRPGs last gen and why they're leaving the market all up to Atlus, Level 5, etc. is beyond me. I think it's wise for them to try to make a quick buck off of iOS and Android games (because that's really what that gaming space is all about) but they shouldn't price their games atrociously- especially when the game is atrocious like ATB. However, they should concurrently develop (and localize) core JRPG titles for the 3DS and maybe even the Vita to slowly rebuild their reputation as a great JRPG developer. When they conquer the handhelds, maybe they'd recoup enough of their losses from previous games to be able to try winning console RPG players over again.

I'm starting to think hating SE is somewhat a social psychological phenomenon more than anything. Japanese game companies really need to get on with the times, but I think they're not deserving of all the vituperation they get from fans. The gaming landscape has changed so much since the late '90s, people. I've had my share of disappointments from Japanese devs over the last decade but at the end of the day, I still wanna see them/SE redeem themselves. :)

User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#102
Unfortunately, I have to hope SE gets their act together...

I want a new Valkyrie Profile :( I already have Lenneth and Covenant of the Plume, but I can't find silmeria anywhere, and in all likelihood they'll probably release it on Vita or probably just CotP on iOS or something
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