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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#11
Evonfire posted...
Did you like this game right off the bat? The reason I ask is because I'm a decent way through the game and I have this love/hate thing going on with this game, and especially the controls. It just irks me to no end how pit dashes right off of cliffs, platforms, and whatever he can. This happens to me sooo many times! Also I don't understand how weapons are ranked. Am I suppose to be looking at a weapons value to tell if it's good or not? Or it's Melee and Range stars??! What do empty stars mean? Or the weapons characteristics?

about pit dashing...sorry,your fault.and i don't get the complint too...even if you mess up ith dashes a lot,there are very few places in the game that screw you up with that.

about the stars and value....

the stars indicate power,but it's relative only with the weapon itself.remember that First Blade you began the game with? it had 0 stars.if you find/fuse a First Blade with more melee stars,the attack power will increase.the same applies to ranged shots and the ranged stat.

you can pass down the average of both weapon's stars onto the new weapon when you fuse it.''empty stars'' mean ''0.5'',while a ''full star'' is 1. but the stars don't mean the same for each weapon: even if they have the same star value,they may have a different damage output.

it's easy to test this by bringing 2 pairs of the same weapon with different stars to training and compare all 4.

now,for value,remember the tutorial of the ''light vs darkness''? a weapon's value is essentially how much your team's health bar decreases when you die.

and that's when the characteristics come up.each one of those contribute a little to the weapon's value.they are called mods,in the community.

each does something different...most are self explanatory.they increase damage of specific techs by a small amount,not ''+1'',or "+2".you can find more about each by asking around in the board OR testing.

there are also negative mods,they obviously serve to lower the weapon's value.they don't affect single player mode at all,but in multiplayer,it's important to have a weapon's value below 300,so your team can have 4 deaths before your pit shows up.

hope i helped!
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#12
Its still my favorite 3ds game so far.
I'm playing through a 2nd file now, beating each stage at 9.0 difficulty as it unlocks, but dang if ch. 6 isn't tough on 9.0...

Anyway, i never had any issues with the controls, I do see where some of he complaints come from though. Especially dashing off an edge(ch. 6 boss arena is annoying as heck about this imo).

The only thing to worry about on weapons are the stars and abilties, ignore the value(Unless you're playing Light vs Dark online, I'll explain a bit lower).

Stars determine the strength of the attack, a filled in star is 1, while an empty star is 1.5 attack. Melee is the physical attacks, while ranged are the distance attacks.
The game attempts to balance the weapons to keep them from being overpowered.
If you have strong abilities, the weapon's stars are likely to lower.
If you have lots of stars, it'll be harder to fuse good abilities onto the weapons.
One strategy is to get one negative ability. like Heart bonus -3, this reduces the "usefulness" of the weapon, allowing more stars and better abilities to balance out he negative effect.

Abilities can be ambiguous sometimes, but there are some to always keep an eye out for.
Overall defense +, this one reduces the damage you take from any attack. Iirc +8 is the highest, and makes a huge difference.

Speed +, increases walking, running, and flying speed. Making it easier to dodge, and take advantage of situations.

Health +, increases your health, couple this with overall defense to become extremely durable. Don't confuse it with fullk health boost though, that boosts strength at full life.

Continuous fir/Ch shot. Increases damage from these types of attacks, if it's +3, each shot will do 3 more damage than it would without.

Shot range/homing. Range increases the distance the shots travel, while homing makes them bend towards enemies more than normal.

Now to value, value just gives a basic idea of how good the weapon is based on the combination of stars and abilities. It could be valued at 330 and suck because it's stats are mismatched terribly. The only effect value DOES have is in Light vs Dark online. The higher the value, the more HP your team loses when you die. It's risky to go in with a valuable weapon, instead, try fusing a crappy ability onto it to lower the value, and keep the high attack and most of the good abilities.
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