Of all the 3DS games you own, how many are third-party?

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  3. Of all the 3DS games you own, how many are third-party?

User Info: Ccroybb

4 years ago#1
Out of my 7 3DS games, 5 of them are third-party games. Wanted to see how many people limit themselves to third-party games.

User Info: Transdude

4 years ago#2
6 of my 7 retail games are third party.
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User Info: RayzerTag

4 years ago#3
I have 2 3DS games by Nintendo (MK7 and KI:U) and 1 by a third-party (VLR).
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User Info: hyper kobun dash

hyper kobun dash
4 years ago#4
17 out of my 21 games are 3rd party.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#5
10 out of 19 Retail games are third party
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User Info: Faelor

4 years ago#6
6 out of 9. And that's not counting the digital games I have.
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User Info: MrAntike184

4 years ago#7
2 out of 6 games. Resident Evil Revelations & The Mercenaries 3D.
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User Info: ItemBreak

4 years ago#8
7/8. The only Nintendo game I own is Animal Crossing.

User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#9

That is all.

User Info: JTC87

4 years ago#10
0 out of my 1 games are third party. I will most likely never buy any third party games either.
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  3. Of all the 3DS games you own, how many are third-party?

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