How Does This Board Feel About DLC?

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User Info: CubeTV

4 years ago#1
So.. The 3DS is the first system I have in which I can get DLC for. I was wondering how this board felt about it.

For me, I kinda don't like it... I feel myself being sucked into having OCD with it and just wanting to get it all so I have a *completed game*.

On the other hand... I do like it in that it extends the length of the game if you ever get bored with it.

Is the 3DS DLC as common as the PS3? Because I'm considering buying one of those.

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#2
You just have to limit yourself to buy the ones that look interesting. Some games offer really sizable DLC, such as Fallout 3/ New Vegas, Dragon Age Origins, Borderlands; but other games offer kind of trivial things such as costume packs and arena challenge levels.

For 3DS, I know that Fire Emblem is doing it with characters and maps (I believe the maps include the characters that can be recruited / unlocked). Theatrhythm Final Fantasy does it with additional songs too, but both of these games are complete packages without downloading DLC purchases.

You just have to snag the ones that look to add the most content, and usually RPGs or other lengthy games do this.
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User Info: Bikes-

4 years ago#3
Not many games use it yet, I can only think of 4 off the top of my head. That being said I like DLC if it's done well, which it often isn't. Day 1 Dlc/On disk DLC is a terrible practice, but releasing new content down the line is fine.

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#4
Its fine if the game feels complete without it and its not too overpriced.

Fire emblem DLC is good because its complete without it and the first one is free for awhile.
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User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#5
I always have and always will dislike DLC
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#6
I love DLC but i'm not a fan of the prices at all. all of the paid NSMB2 DLC (27 coin rush levels) cost me $22.50 + tax, when the main game offered i believe 100-110 (?) levels for $40 retail.

Don't get me wrong they were all very good but the price flat out sucked. i doubt i'll ever buy any DLC for TRFF or FE:A once i get that one, since there's so much to buy. s*** adds up quick :/.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

4 years ago#7
I only dislike it if the game feels like an incomplete game without the DLC. Otherwise, I'm either neutral toward it or favor it depending on the quality/price of said DLC.
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