Original 3DS owners: Your reasons for not getting the 3DS XL

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User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#101
My 3DS works just fine, and I can see everything just fine. Why pay so much more for something when you are already satisfied?
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#102
My reasons were that my original worked fine and I didn't want to shell out $200 bucks.

Then I got a job at Target. I got 10% off and it was on sale, so I got it for about $150 IIRC. and my nephew offered to buy my original for $80.
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User Info: Kirk0007

4 years ago#103
I'm in college and not made of money, especially not for video games. I've seen the 3DS XL in person and the screen is amazing, but my current 3DS is in perfect condition and I don't use it that often anyway.

User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#104
Because I love the metallic look, portability and just the fact that it's the first version Nintendo made. I still my phat blue DS.

I'm planning on giving my Aqua Blue 3DS to my cousin and I will buy the Fire Emblem 3DS since it's a limited edition color and ALSO because it would fit in with my fat DS.

both Metallic blue! Also, along side my Surfin' Blue GBA SP, it's ALLLL blue.
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User Info: Esrac

4 years ago#105
1. I don't like the current color options.
2. I prefer the glossy finish.
3. I don't like the size of the system.
4. Most importantly, I don't want to spend the money when I have a baby on the way.

User Info: egglink

4 years ago#106
I just bought the damn thing!
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User Info: Gamerater66

4 years ago#107
I thought one was just enough.

User Info: SilentHawk29

4 years ago#108
Waiting for the next inevitable version that has the CPP built into it.
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User Info: Sand_Coffin

4 years ago#109
I have the special Zelda 3DS so that's why no XL for me.

User Info: joelang12

4 years ago#110
to be quite honest, i dont even play my 3ds enough to even warrant buying another slightly larger one. The last 3ds game i bought was MGS 3 and that was on its launch day. no games that i like are coming out
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