Original 3DS owners: Your reasons for not getting the 3DS XL

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User Info: Mr_Yooj

4 years ago#21
I don't have an XL because my original works just fine. That's pretty much it.
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User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

4 years ago#22
thompsontalker7 posted...
Most reasonable answer is that they don't want to spend money on it because they have a perfectly working regular 3DS

Most unreasonable is saying stuff like "It's not that big of an improvement" or "there's gonna be a new model coming out anyways". Did that stop people from buying a DS Lite or DSi?

Lol what? The DS Lite may have been as minor of an improvement as the 3DSXL is to the 3DS. But to mention the DSi...
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User Info: ryudin89

4 years ago#23
I don't want it. Didn't want a DSi XL and I don't want this one.

Simple really.
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User Info: Kureno

4 years ago#24
Don't need it. Yet. Though there is almost always a decent deal hopping around nowadays if I did.

Had half a mind to mod my 3DS for streaming, but the cost jumped big after the popularity spike for the mod job. Would have bought a XL for normal play had I done it.
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User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#25
abbyhitter posted...
The "too big and doesn't fit in my pocket" excuse is dumb.

Just admit that you are poor and don't have enough money at the moment.

Don't be silly, it's usually not a question of lacking the money, it's rather that some people don't feel it's worth the price. Being able to afford something does not mean you'll automatically go out and buy it.

User Info: Gynthaeres

4 years ago#26
Waiting for a bundle. Preferably a 3DSXL + CPP XL + some game for $200ish. If no bundle, waiting for a heavy discount on it. And the CPP XL.

Until then my current 3DS works fine for me.

Edit: I also don't play my 3DS as a primary system, so the full price isn't worth the cost to me.
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User Info: wrightreyesrock

4 years ago#27
Right now I don't need it. My 3ds works fine. And I won't even think about getting one until they release an all-black one

User Info: RicardoSForever

4 years ago#28
I have a Aqua Blue 3DS and a Club Nintendo Mario 3DS. I don't want another one right now. I could possibly trade my Aqua Blue for a XL (or another redesign if made) because my fingers are a little big for the consoles. But it's not really a planned thing.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#29
Because I want to spend my money on other things and the 3DS XL would not include the 10 free NES and 10 free GBA games.
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User Info: BeerOnTap

4 years ago#30
I will upgrade only when they make a version with two analog sticks
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