Original 3DS owners: Your reasons for not getting the 3DS XL

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User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

4 years ago#91
Is is safe to say that the biggest XL flaw is the speakers? If so, how?

I'd like to know, since I'm actually getting an XL. Mind you, I don't own the original 3DS-- if I had, I wouldn't be throwing extra money for a slight upgrade.
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User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#92
Being an adult male, I prefer the XL's larger size for the fact that it's more comfortable to hold. Also I don't have to hold it as close to my face to actually get the 3D to work reasonably - something I hated about the original 3DS. The thing has such a tight viewing angle, and it constantly goes out of focus. I feel like with the XL I can actually use the 3D function without it being a constant hassle.

I also like the matte finish better, just from a comfort standpoint. I feel like the glossy just makes my hands too slick, and it's a hideous fingerprint magnet.

Oh, and the stylus is in a more convenient location. Always a plus. I've never had an issue holding the XL in my jeans' pocket, either.

Overall I'd say the XL is more comfortable and offers a better gaming experience (especially with the 3D functionality), but the initial 3DS is definitely more portable and less expensive. Probably not worth upgrading if you already own one, but I went ahead and did, and I haven't looked back. Happily gifted the original to someone else. I'll be honest, it never felt very comfortable to play on the original, and I tended to not really play any games on it. Much different case, now - I actually carry this thing with me and play frequently.

User Info: kylemcauliffe15

4 years ago#93
I already have a 3DS so I didn't feel like putting more money down on another.
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User Info: Double_Wide

4 years ago#94
because its a waste of money. the end

User Info: The_Placebo

4 years ago#95
Because Purple.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#96
I see no need to buy a new system when my current one is doing just fine. Not to mention I prefer the smaller and slicker look of the original 3DS.
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User Info: tatsuya1221

4 years ago#97
No need to,honestly i wish they'd make a "super 3ds" for the wii-u so that i could play my 3ds and ds games on a bigger screen, because honestly, i never go outside with my 3ds, when i go somewhere, i generally am not in a gaming mindset and in the rare case i am, i don't want it to be stolen while i have to leave it somewhere for 5 mins.

In the case of the XL specifically, as i said i have no need for it, my aqua blue 3ds is good enough for me, well that and i can spend the money on other things, like games.
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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#98
I have a perfectly working 3DS. I see no reason whatsoever to fork over another ~$200 or so to get another one that has a slightly bigger screen and slightly longer battery life.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#99
I already own a working 3DS, I don't make it a habit spending a bunch of money on an upgraded system with a few extra bells and whistles.

User Info: goothgone514

4 years ago#100
BeerOnTap posted...
I will upgrade only when they make a version with two analog sticks

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