I want some friends.

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User Info: Onorleana

4 years ago#11
feel free to add me just got my 3ds so im still getting games and would love some friends names Ono and fc is in my siggy
FC 5000-2156-0306 for 3ds

User Info: Trunks 2003

Trunks 2003
4 years ago#12
BTW, if you don't care for the topic, please refrain from posting in it.

User Info: grizz96

4 years ago#13
If you want you can add both my 3ds and my 3dsxl. 3ds fc: 4613-6691-8120. The other is in my sig.
Black FC: 4341 2051 9994; White FC: 2923 8539 6127; 3DS FC:5069 4194 0261; Black 2 FC:2752 9255 1967; White 2 FC: 0304 7805 1390
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