Whats a better game? Tactics Ogre or Fire Emblem Awakening.

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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#1
Pick you poison - Results (58 votes)
Tactics Ogre
20.69% (12 votes)
Fire Emblem Awakening
79.31% (46 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#2
Ogre battle 64
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User Info: Salogy

4 years ago#3
LUCT, the PS1/SNES version! Try neutral route and saving Selye. Now that was hard! TO also has better replayability in my opinion. I have played all the english FEs but TO will always stand out for me.
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#4
Tactics Ogre: LUCT is probably my second favorite SRPG though...

User Info: Steve_Teddie

4 years ago#5
FE is great but TO is much better to me.
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User Info: blazeair

4 years ago#6
Uhh you're asking this on a 3ds board where probably half of them haven't even play TO..
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User Info: WestbrickIII

4 years ago#7
Tactics Ogre has a better storyline but worse everything else, and it plays so slow. Still one of the best SRPGs ever, but it's hard to argue with Awakening's customization, music, and character development.
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User Info: spikejeted

4 years ago#8
kukingina2 posted...
Ogre battle 64
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User Info: ferofax

4 years ago#9
March of the Black Queen.
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#10
Fire Emblem is one of the very few SRPG series that I like.
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