Would you recommend Kingdom Hearts 3DS to a non KH fan?

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User Info: Curryfiend

4 years ago#1
I've played the first game and thought it was decent, played the demo of the 3DS one and the combat seemed fun but it was too short for me to make up my mind. Is the story interesting for someone who hasn't played the other KH games and isn't a big Square or Disney fan?
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#2
I haven't played it yet, but as far as the story goes, KH games aren't exactly friendly to people just jumping into the series.
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User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#3
Ugh, this is hard... I'm a Kingdom Hearts fan, and I like the game, but the story probably won't make sense to you. There are entries in the journal which say what has happened in the other games, but I don't think it's the same for someone who's playing for the first time.

Maybe you should read some reviews by people who are just coming into the series? See what their opinions are.
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User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#4
If you aren't a KH fan, what's wrong with you?
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User Info: DTCGuitarist

4 years ago#5
I'd recommend it, but only after playing all of the others. I think you'd enjoy DDD, however, you'd enjoy experiencing the story first hand a lot more.

User Info: crazyray47

4 years ago#6
How are you not a disney fan

User Info: gameboygrey

4 years ago#7
KH is a series you either like alot or dislike alot so I would say no.
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