My 3DS XL decision woes

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User Info: Puddingchan

4 years ago#1
I have been convincing myself that now probably isn't the right time to buy a 3DS XL, given that the only current game I am interested in is Fire Emblem: Awakening and I should wait for much later. I'm still tempted though. The other games that I want aren't out, including Animal Crossing and Dragon Warrior Monsters Terry's Wonderland.

Alternatively, I fold my money into half and keep it in the bank / my pocket and maybe save this money for later. I can live without a 3DS for now.

If I were to eventually get one, I am choosing a 3DS XL over a 3DS because I prefer the bigger screens and need the longer battery life.

The price is really what is holding me back. I'm not in the US and the cheapest I can get it is about US$213 here for a new US console set without any games pre-installed. My budget is about US$170 for the game console alone but I really doubt this is possible since I'm not in the US. I've asked a store that sells the console at my budget price but they don't ship it to Singapore.

If the price goes beyond my budget, I strongly feel my purchase won't be justified. (I still need to pay for the games too, probably digital copies since physical ones are harder to come by here. They aren't cheap unless I get them used later on.)

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#2
Wait for a little while, but keep on the lookout for ~$170 3DSXL offers. will be pretty up-to-date with any offers and updates with new weekly deals every few days.

There was a price drop a few months ago (which has seemingly been retracted) where various outlets were offering the 3DSXL and a bonus (free Mario Kart installed, free retail game at purchase, free $30 gift card) for $159.99.

While the XL is worth it for $200, those price drops aren't unheard of and I would suggest holding off and searching for a deal you can't afford to miss.
"I dare you to make less sense."

User Info: MortalDanger

4 years ago#3
I bought an XL on Thursday with Fire Emblem and Pokermon and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Has already earned its value for me. But if you're unsure about spending money, it's always a good idea to wait. That being said, if you're bored and really want one...

I recently bought some property in the middle of nowhere and it gets really boring out there after dark, so I had a good reason to drop $300.
God Bless America.

User Info: Puddingchan

4 years ago#4
I think I'll probably just buy a pink one at a price higher than my budget. I'll have to wait anyway.
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