Can't decide what color to get for my 3DS. :(

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  3. Can't decide what color to get for my 3DS. :(

User Info: Eclipsed_Fire

4 years ago#11
I bought my fiancee the purple one for her birthday and she bought me the Fire Emblem one for Valentine's Day. They're both beautiful. I like the extra art on my blue one though.
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User Info: oldhbk76

4 years ago#12
I bought Purple
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User Info: Persona-Z-

4 years ago#13
nintendoguy91 posted...
Persona-Z- posted...
I'm interested in black, red and purple. Black because it's a "default" color like white, red because I like red and I also have a red XL and NDS so they can all match and purple because it looks sexy.

As for why I'm getting a 3DS even though I already have an XL, well I'm getting it so I can capture videos.

not possible to capture videos with an xl?

From the person I'm buying from, he doesn't make them for the XL. No idea why.


And I checked vids on YouTube for purple and red and wow purple looks so nice. >_<

User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#14
Dark_cloud500 posted...
Fire emblem blue!

I second this, but if you have no interest then get purple.
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  3. Can't decide what color to get for my 3DS. :(

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