so how's dream drop distance?

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User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 years ago#21
I don't know what everyone else is going on about, but I found it very enjoyable.
The story was interesting, and easy to understand if you've played the other entries, and finish DDD.
The gameplay is just like other entries in the series, except you can create spirits as partners instead of getting assigned partners.
The drop guage wasn't much of a hassle, considering you can refresh it whenever you want, or drop early if you feel like it.

IMO, it's one of the best in the series, alongside BBS and KH2.
It has lots of customization, fun gameplay(like most KH games), interesting story that further connects the past games directly to a future KH game, and finally explains the endgame plan for the villains, and sets up obstacles for the hero's already.
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User Info: grans

4 years ago#22
From: Jeffdk1 | #017
No, an item which only use is to slow down a build in timer is not my friend. At best it's a tool to keep the annoyance as low as possible and I have to sacrifice a slot in my command deck for it.

You say that like dedicating a slot to the item is some sort of horrible permanent sacrifice. When you're done using the item, just go and switch the item with whatever command you were using previously. It's as simple as that. And again, just use drop points to buy decelerator multipliers for the next character after the gauge depletes. Hell with those equipped the bar depletes so incredibly slowly that I sometimes don't even bother waiting for it to empty, I just manually drop. At times i'd forget there was even a time limit at all due to how slow it depletes.

I am in general easily annoyed by tension that time limits create, with very few exceptions. There was none of that tension here, largely because there really aren't any negative stakes involved (you're not even sent back to a previous area, you start back in the exact spot where you were). Unless you really suck at a boss or something and take forever to beat it. The only stakes are collecting optional items and drop points during the bonus time when the gauge is about to run out. But unlike games like Mario or even Zelda Majora's Mask, there's not any kind of negative consequence for allowing the drop bar to deplete. It's used really only as a means to make handling multiple playable characters and their stories in a more effective and fluid manner than normal. Compared to BBS in which you had to play through three separate stories from start to finish. Square Enix tried a different method of handling multiple character stories in DDD and I think it really paid off. A clever, fun, and unique way of implementing story progression into a gameplay mechanic.

From: Jeffdk1 | #018
I also disagree with the worlds looking and feeling 'alive' or 'exciting'. It may be better than previous KH games but compared to other games it's a huge disappointment. As I just started I expected some houses and shops to be open and accesible, but they aren't. To me that's the opposite of alive and exciting. Compared to let's say Zelda OoT the world are just small and empty and not at all alive.

Who are you disagreeing with? No one claimed the game offered any such thing as explorable houses. People are comparing DDD to previous KH games. It certainly is something I wish to be added to the series, but it's a series wide problem and not just something that KH3D suffers from.

What was said was that the world design was very well done compared to past KH games, and it absolutely is. No other game in the series has worlds that are nearly to this scale or with as much of an emphasis on exploration and platforming. A stark contrast to KH2 and BBS which had flat plains of nothing as "level design". This is a huge step in the right direction for the series.
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User Info: ssbmrocks

4 years ago#23
If you're a fan of the series, the game is amazing. The story is not THAT complicated, I found it fairly easy to follow, and that's including all of the time traveling BS.

Gameplay flows nice, Dream Eater partners are fun and useful, difficulty is just right. The game is kinda short, shorter than BBS (not even counting the fact that you had 3 characters vs the 2 here), but as I said, if you've played the other games in the series, you definitely need to give this one a buy.
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User Info: Marsford

4 years ago#24
Lots of fun. 8.5/10 in my books.
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User Info: Evonfire

4 years ago#25
Fantastic gameplay but expect to be confused by the story.
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User Info: Awesomeggs

4 years ago#26
Wow, I didn't know this game got so much hate. O_O I personally loved DDD quite a bit. In my opinion, it's a 100% recommend. If you aren't quite sure, you can always give the demo in the eShop a go.

grans posted...
Flowmotion is both useful but also well balanced so that it's not overpowered or easily abused by players. You have to be smart with it if you try to use it to fight.

Try mashing the A button on proud or critical in KH3D and see how far you get. It's a one way ticket to seeing the game over screen.

The drop system is only as annoying as you allow it to be, if you choose to ignore the decelerator drop bonuses then you're naturally going to be losing time a lot faster.

Also this.
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