What's your least enjoyable game on the 3DS?

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User Info: bcornelia

4 years ago#51
Samp98518 posted...
Considering how many games I have (5), I would have to say Kid Icarus: Uprising.

That's awfully weird of you.
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User Info: vu_comet

4 years ago#52
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. One save file, and can't reset it. :\
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User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#53
Paper Mario: Sticker Star; worst Nintendo game I've played in a LONG time.

Mega Man Powered Up is the best PSP exclusive and you know it.

User Info: FefnirOmega13

4 years ago#54
MATADOR480 posted...
Kid Icarus: Uprising. Those. Horrible. Controls. The flying sections are pretty awesome. But the on foot parts are just beyond terribad! Why in the hell does Ninty make an add on that allows for dual analog, but not let you use it in this game made by Nintendo? Just stupid.

This, plus I'm not a fan of the voice acting.

If they'd have just catered a little more to the needs of left handed people this would have been a showstopper.
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User Info: ultimatedorkboy

4 years ago#55
It's gotta be MK 7 for me.

TinyTim123 posted...
Jweinikkom posted...
Mine is ocarina of time 3d(opinions people!),whats yours?

Awww, mine too. =\
For me, it's because it seems to have lost all of the charm and whimsy of all of the 2D Zelda games I'd played. It's my first 3D Zelda game. I failed to adapt well. It seems to take itself too seriously.
One day I will try and play it again to completion instead of just play for the first three hours, then quit because it was no fun.


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User Info: MrKunio

4 years ago#56
Probably steel diver although Ive never even played it. I got it for $5 at bestbuy when they had that sale.
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User Info: Charizard90

4 years ago#57
Paper Mario SS by far
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User Info: Zanimar

4 years ago#58
From: Mega_Rat | #022
Aww, I love that control scheme. I used it in Bangai-O on the Dreamcast, so maybe that's why.

Well, to be fair, before Nano Assault, I use to play Geometry Wars 2 a ton on Xbox and before that I played those kind of "dual action" shooters on PC using the keyboard to move and the mouse to aim and fire so for me using the ABXY buttons is like a fish trying to breath out of water. :(
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User Info: CressDXX

4 years ago#59
Super Street Fighter 4.
I cant do awesome combos as i could on the console version..
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User Info: Sky_Rayquaza

4 years ago#60
Pilotwings Resort.

For downloads, I'd say 3D Classics: Kid Icarus or Gargoyle's Quest. There's no way I'll ever beat them.
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