1 million (Dragon Quest VII) sold in the first 2 days

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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#51
Arsene-Lupin posted...
From: Geno | #203
kuragari1anonly posted...
Man I would buy the **** out of that game if it came over heeere

Chances are really good that it's going to come over here. Most of the other ones did.

No, chances are very bad. Square-Enix, the people who make the games, gave up on Dragon Quest outside of Japan after they published the half-translated Dragon Quest IV DS remake. They gave up on it. Complete. You've noticed this, right? Dragon Quest isn't the only franchise SE is just refusing to localize. Final Fantasy Type-0 and Bravely Default both say hello.

The only reason we got V and VI and IX is because Nintendo went out of their way to publish them.

We were lucky.

And keep in mind that the Nintendo of today is a Nintendo that very much does not see the market for JRPGs outside of Japan. Do I need to remind everyone of all that hullaballoo with Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story?

No, I don't. I just need to remind everyone that Dragon Quest X came out in Japan, but won't be coming out in the United States.

And that, as it has much more text than any other DQ game to date, the localization of DQVII would be a very expensive, time-consuming process.

So, yeah, it might come out in NA and EU... but it is far from a certainty.

You do know DQVII already came over right? Just slap the old text into this one and boom done.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

4 years ago#52
This and Reggie being a huge fan means it's coming over.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#54
ORANGE666 posted...
It says 1 million shipped, not sold, in the article.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

[3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden (Square Enix, 02/07/13) – 872,922 (New)


So they went through 87% of their shipment...

User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#55
Wait, DQ10 is confirmed to not come out here? Darn it Q.Q

User Info: darkqueenhelba

4 years ago#56
Razieru posted...
Yup, people don't want much. They would rather waste money on MORE remakes and ports than something NEW and significant. And here I'm wondering why the video game industry is still in its archaic form....

DQ7 is one of the greatest games of all time. You don't like it? Well then you can just GET OWWWWWWWWWTTT!!!

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User Info: neonick

4 years ago#57
Nickcool1996 posted...
Wait, DQ10 is confirmed to not come out here? Darn it Q.Q

Meh, it's an online rpg that (i heard) is pay to play. Should have been a spin-off.
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