Pick my first game for the 3ds

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User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#21
DirtBasedSoap posted...
Fire Emblem Awakening

User Info: Kaze_Memaryu

4 years ago#22
DTCGuitarist posted...
Kingdom Hearts 3D, if you wanna do the secret boss and the unbelievably hard difficulties you can get hours and hours out of it!

Wait, what difficulty? I played through some bosses on a friend's game, and none of them even posed a fraction of challenge...
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- Raven, Teen Titans

User Info: Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX

4 years ago#23
Star fox 64 3d. If it's rpg you really want get fire emblem awakeing awsome game music everything.
My 5 Favortive Games of all time are 1) Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. 2) Phantasy Star Online EP 1&2. 3) Star Ocean Till The End Of Time. 4) MGS 2 PS2. 5) FF 9

User Info: Legendary_Musas

4 years ago#24
I would say Mario 3D Land, it perfectly shows of the capabilities of the hardware.
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