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User Info: laxnd23

4 years ago#11
Monoculus posted...
From: laxnd23 | #005
Sakurafanboy posted...
All I want from this Nintendo Direct is confirmation of these for North America: Bravely Default, Professor Layton X Ace Attorey, and Dragon Quest VII. Surely you can throw enough money at Level-5/Capcom and Square Enix to get them brought over. <3

Animal Crossing before any if those games.

Animal Crossing is already confirmed for next quarter.

But a specific date is not
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User Info: abbyhitter

4 years ago#12
I want:
- confirmation of a new 3D Mario for 3DS
- screenshots of new 3D Zelda for 3DS and Wii U
- 3DS Metroid game confirmation
- Wii U Metroid game confirmation
- new screenshots of Pokémon X and Y
- new trailer of X on Wii U

My hopes are high. I probably won't get any of this.
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